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Phelps Chevrolet Part II: Full-Sized and OK Used Cars

We return to Phelps Chevrolet “Eastern Carolina’s Volume Dealer” in Greenville, NC once again for a final look at the balance of the press photos taken by a photographer from the Greenville “Daily Reflector.” The occasion was a clearance sale held on August 1-3, 1967 to begin to make way for the new 1968 models. The line-up in the lead image contains six full-sized Chevrolets, a pair of Malibus and a Nova.

The enlargeable photo (below) contains a complete view of the front of the dealership and showroom, followed by the 1967 Camaro’s featured earlier, and the OK used car lot. The second picture (below) includes a view of the line-up of the late-model used cars offered for sale.

Share with us what you find of interest in this “Daily Reflector” photograph courtesy of the East Carolina University Collections.

13 responses to “Phelps Chevrolet Part II: Full-Sized and OK Used Cars

  1. In the 3rd photograph [2nd expandable picture], on the far left & parked on the street, is a two-door 1963 MERCURY Comet.

  2. Nice clean, big dealership. Used car lot has 1964 Chevelle on the end with a 1963 Ford , followed by a Falcon or two. Front apron is a 1963 1/2 Mercury Comet hardtop, and a 1964 Chevrolet Impala two toned hardtop..

  3. In item 2 of 2, seem in the distance this side of the street is likely a ’62 has the long rear deck of either a Star Chief or a Bonneville. Across the street from it is a ’62 Chrysler 300 2-door hardtop. There’s not much visual distinction between it and a 300-H apart from the emblems and chrome rocker panel trim on the latter…beyond seeing from here.
    There’s also an Econoline pickup farther back.

    The third car in on the used lot appears to be a ’62 Falcon followed by a ’61 Chevy.

  4. In the line of new cars, as far as I can tell all have the crossed flag emblems on the front fender indicating V-8 engines. On the first two you can see numbers above the crossed flags indicating larger optional V-8’s, likely 327 cu. in. which were popular in the full sized Chevies.

  5. Four door hardtop in the left of first picture is an Impala, two door next to it looks like a Super Sport. The rubber insert on those bumper guards tore off real easy.

  6. BOTTOM PHOTO: I see a Ford Galaxie, a Falcon , and Impala and (I think) an Ambassador, moving past the Chevelle in the first row. It seems a little unusual at that time to see the used cars facing inward and away from a heavily trafficked street like they do it now-a-days. It’s probably because they have three cars featured up front, but I would think they would play up the selection by maximizing their car’s visibility. Maybe they’d hire me as their used car marketer. :^).

    Now-a-days in the days of hype, hype, hype, the Chevy-brand OK” wouldn’t make it. A competitor would say, “Do you want an “OK” used car or one of our dealer-certified used cars” or some such.

    • In retirement I worked part time for a new/used car dealer and can tell you that inspecting and going over every trade in was baloney. The cars were washed and put on the lot, doing as little as possible to them.

  7. The ’64 Impala facing away in the 2nd photo is a Super Sport. We can’t see the SS side trim but can tell by the extra emblem on the right side of the trunk lid. I’ve seen a couple of ’63’s with a vinyl top but not a ’64. This top seems to have a seam and is not as shiny as I’d expect a painted top to be so could be vinyl. It has the optional rear antenna and pass. side mirror so is more loaded with options than many were.

    A friend of mine has a white ’64 Malibu sport coupe just like the one front and center in the photo.

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