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Stanley The Old Motor Shop Cat

A year and a half ago, Stanley, the shop cat was found under a shed behind The Old Motor workshop building by Lena a yellow Labrador mix (she was found inside of Grand Central Station in NYC) who is one of our two rescued shop dogs. Somehow he was separated from his mother who is a feral barn cat that originated at a neighbor’s dairy farm. Ever since he was featured here at the time, at least once a week a reader asks about how Stanley is doing, so we figured it was time for an update on him.

Stanley was only four weeks old when found and was so small he would fit in the palm of a hand and had to be fed infant formula. He adopted me as his new mother and liked to climb up and spend most of his time on my shoulder holding on and watching whatever was being worked on in the shop at the time.

Ever since then, just like the dogs have, he has taken a keen interest in keeping an eye on what is going on in the workshop when he is inside of the building, and climbing up on top of the machinery for a better view. When not watching what is happening or napping, Stanley intently goes about his job as Chief of the mouse control department and wrestling with and becoming a friends with of the dogs.

  • Stanley on top of one of his favorite vantage points, the engine assembly stand.

30 responses to “Stanley The Old Motor Shop Cat

  1. Your Stanley is quite the cat! Nearly a twin to ‘Maya’ (named after Maya Angelou, the poet) my 6 yr old black cat. She has a tuxedo white spot on her breast that makes her unique. You are very lucky and kind too have such friends around the shop. A good mouser is essential in that environment; I’ve yet to see a shop that didn’t get a few mice; it goes with the territory. How old is Stanley now? Hope your dogs are kind to Stanley; he’s there to help ‘Dad’ just like they are!

  2. Thanks for the update on Stanley. He appears to be King of the Castle. I bet you are glad he adopted you and lets you work in his shop. We run a repair shop and adopted a stray last year. His name is Pete and he look identical to the cat a Dominick’s Repair Shop-Feb. 21, 2019 posting. He watches everything we do right down to turning on the light switch. I think he could run the place with out us.

  3. Hi David. Looks like Stanley has grown into his position quite nicely. Those whiskers have a way to go if he’s to catch up to his namesake though. I’m thinkin’ he really likes Ice Cream too. Thanks David, Stanley Lives.
    Howard H.

  4. Thanks for the update. Stanley has turned into a handsome addition to the shop family.

    I once got a cat not much older than Stanley. She used to nestle in my beard and suckle from time to time. It’s a sweet thing to be a cat mom.

  5. Stanley the Shop Cat has grown from a scruffy little kitten into a beautiful healthy looking cat. Impressive that in just a year and a half he has climbed (clawed) his way up the corporate ladder from intern shop cat to Chief of the mouse control department. It is nice that you have provided forever homes for those rescue animals.

    Is that a Volvo P1800 S coupe in the background of the last photo?

    • I’m somewhat new to this wonderful site, so I missed the 12/6/18 posting of the 3 special Volvo 1800 coupes including David Greenlees’s #114 1967 1800S.

  6. He´s checking main bearings clearance?.BTW he become a grown up cat !!!. I had a like one as workshop hel some years ago…same color too.

  7. You folks are kind souls. We need more caring people with warm hearts like you. Stanley looks well cared for and loved.
    Hats off to you all!

  8. Stanley could be the twin brother to our Beast. Sadly we lost Beast to cancer 2 months ago after 15 great years together. We raised Beast and his brother Rocky from birth and miss them both.
    I’m hoping Stanley can live as long as our guys did and give you the joy we felt from them.

  9. Being a cat fancier your certainly have a good looking one with Stanley. Good name as well.
    My fathers’ favorite shop cat was Vince, named after Vince Galloni. He had worked on keeping any existing Mercer running with the supply of parts from the factory that he kept in his shop in Trenton.
    Stan Smith

  10. I see there is a large cat loving group here in, good. I find cats most interesting, misterious and loving.
    Little stroke on the back for Stanley please

  11. Reminds me of the cats we had at the shipyard.came in one morning to find two of them sitting side by side right underneath a ships propeller we were working on.looked like two bookends.i guess when ya got mine lives such stuff doesn’t bother you.

  12. “In a perfect world every home would have a cat and every cat would have a home.” Wonderful that Stanley has a forever home and is well-loved. Shop cats are the luckiest cats there are — they not only have good homes but they can chase and catch mice plus work on the cars. Just be careful, as many suppliers also have shop cats — be sure Stanley doesn’t order parts at night, using catnip as currency.

  13. There is one thing about Cats that everybody should know. Cats have Employes which look for them, Dogs have a Master or Chief.

  14. Oh, but how do you keep cat hair from getting under main bearing shells during engine assembly? My shop cat and I are great buddies, but she requires some supervision.

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