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The Chicago Made Staver

The Staver was manufactured in Chicago by the Staver Carriage Company from 1907 until 1914, it was also know as the Staver-Chicago. The firm started out with high wheelers but soon changed to conventional four cylinder models. The most deluxe Staver manufactured was the 1914 Staver 65 with a 452 c.i. six. The car in this publicity shot with the Daily News and Republic Tires signage is shown in front of the factory. The Old Motor Photo.

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  1. 1913 Stavers did have electrical equipment, including an electric self starter. I am the lucky one who got the electric starter working on Bill VanAken’s 1913 Staver.

    • my father, gordon reed ,senior, worked with bill vanaken for years at his canandaigua, ny home/shop. it is so nice to hear the name of one of the pioneers in the antique car restoration world. bill was devoted to his staver for years. does anyone know where this staver is now?

  2. I had the opportunity to look at a Staver, I think it was a ’14 65, several times a year in a garage, in absolute pristine condition, for 7 years reading meters in the Ruch, Oregon area. My understanding was that the owner of the Staver and the ranch where the garage was located, was a relative of Harry Staver. It was a beautiful automobile. The white paint job was in excellent condition. i wish I could have taken pictures , but didn’t have the opportunity to talk to anyone for permission. I will always remember this extraordinary vehicle.

  3. The car in Oregon is the x Bill VanAken car. It was purchased by Ralph Staver,; Harry Staver’s grandson I believe’ and although Ralph is now gone the car is owned by his relatives. It is a model 45 or 55 {4 Cyl} as I recall . 65’s were 6 Cyl.

    • As far as I know, there are no surviving 65s/Greyhounds. Who knows if any were ever actually built.

  4. My Dad was Bill VanAken’s doctor. I had the pleasure of visiting his shop several times, and the Staver was used in my wedding (with Bill at the wheel)

  5. Think I found the holy grail. Of carriages… name is in the high desert where I bought a buggy that turns out to be more then that.and guess who built it .starts with a s.and ends with a r.

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