The Chicago Made Staver

The Staver was manufactured in Chicago by the Staver Carriage Company from 1907 until 1914, it was also know as the Staver-Chicago. The firm started out with high wheelers but soon changed to conventional four cylinder models. The most deluxe Staver manufactured was the 1914 Staver 65 with a 452 c.i. six. The car in this publicity shot with the Daily News and Republic Tires signage is shown in front of the factory. The Old Motor Photo.

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2 Responses to The Chicago Made Staver

  1. Greg Lone says:

    This example is probably a 1914, Staver’s last year. Some 1913′s may have had electric equipment but probably not many.

  2. Dick Stearns says:

    1913 Stavers did have electrical equipment, including an electric self starter. I am the lucky one who got the electric starter working on Bill VanAken’s 1913 Staver.

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