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Harry Sommers Chrysler-Plymouth Atlanta, Georgia

Harry Sommers Chrysler-Plymouth must have been located in one of the largest car dealership buildings in Atlanta, Georgia. The lead image was taken from the rear of the facility which is a block long and shows the service department on the left. The “Sports Car Arena” is sited across the street on the far-right on a separate lot along with an outdoor sales lot with a line of 1958 Plymouths behind it. Wade Ford is located in front of this lot.

In addition to selling Chryslers and Plymouths, Sommers also sold imported Triumph sedans, the TR-3 roadster, and the Borgward. A number of Triumph TR-10 station wagons are visible just behind the sidewalk in front of the “Sports Car Arena.” A Borgward Isabella station wagon is parked on the left side of the line up next to the canopy.

This set of three images give different views of the new car showrooms at the front of the building on West Peachtree Street located several miles north of downtown Atlanta. A 1958 Chrysler is visible inside of the Chrysler-Plymouth showroom (above.) The picture (below) contains a view of the Triumph-Borgward showroom on the right-hand side of the building.

Share with us what you find if interest in the photographs courtesy of the Georgia State University Library. 

  • View of the right side of the building, and Wade Ford on the far left.

14 responses to “Harry Sommers Chrysler-Plymouth Atlanta, Georgia

  1. What’s not to like? In photo #1 a Borgward Isabella combi (wagon) near the umbrella along with a couple of Isabella sedans next to a trio of Triumph née Standard 10 wagons (never officially designated TR10) plus two more Triumphs farther up hill in the dealer.

    Photo #3 has a TR3 and Borgward Isabella Coupé on display in the showroom. German & British motoring options in 1958 Atlanta.

    Can anyone identify the specific Plymouth model in the showroom facing the street? A Fury would complement the TR3 and Isabella Coupé and of course the showroom Imperial in photo #2.

    Now for an imaginary Q car think what a surprise a Triumph sedan with TR3 engine , 4 speed OD gearbox uprated rear axle, brakes, etc. would have been to unsuspecting drivers of the Big 3 machines of the day.

    • Not sure that would have been that much of a threat in a straight line to a number of Big 3 cars in 57-58. There was also the Corvette with even the base 283 being quicker. Of course racing through Dead Man’s Curve on Sunset Blvd. would probably be a different story…LOL.

  2. In the 3rd picture [2nd expandable photograph], on the left, behind the ’58 CHEVROLET Biscayne, is a 1956 to ’59 METROPOLITAN.

  3. Item 1 of 4: a ’52 Olds 98 holiday Coupe, ’56 Country Squire, a ’56 Two-Ten Handiman and a ’52 Buick Super Riviera Sedan with its more modest windowsill trim and shorter overhang vs a Roadmaster
    In the lot, a number of Triumph sedans and to the left, seen between the Ford and Chevy, a Borgward Isabella station wagon. Seen in the distant lot above the Buick appears to be a ’58 Plymouth Savoy with two-tone-only side trim

    Item 2 of 4: a ’58 Biscayne, a Metropolitan hardtop and a ’55 Chrysler Windsor with a ’58 Plymouth in the distance. There appears to be a ’58 Imperial in the front of the showroom and a pair of Chryslers…a Saratoga on the left

    Item 3 of 4: in the side street, a ’53 Dodge; in the showroom right to left, a Borgward Isabella Coupe, a Triumph, likely an Estate and a Triumph TR-3 and in the next window a pair of Plymouths, the left one a ’57.

    Item 4 of 4: looks to be the same ’57 Plymouth in the window with a ’55 Chevy Two-Ten taxi passing

    • The ’55 Chevy is not a taxi but is probably a salesman’s car with a Bumpa-tel sign. These signs were the predecessors of later magnetic signs and now wraps. Bumpa-tel signs were sold with bumper mounts specifically designed for each model of car.

      • That Chevy looks to have doors painted a different color and a “TAXI” dome light. Sure looks like a taxi to me.

  4. From the book Atlanta and Environs by Harold H. Martin comes the following information. “Harry Sommers was a native of Philadelphia, came to Atlanta in 1922 to manage the Packard agency, and in 1924 he opened the Chrysler-Plymouth agency, which he operated until his retirement in 1966. Sommers served in World War I and was a Republican national committeeman for sixteen years. He was twice president of the Atlanta Community Chest and the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. A member of the Nine O’Clocks, he also held membership in the Piedmont Driving Club, the Capital City Club, and Peachtree Golf Club.”

    His business ended up being the longest continuously operating Chrysler dealership by the time of his retirement. He was also the North American Dealers Association (NADA) president in 1942 until he resigned to work for a regional office of the Office of Price Administration. Sommers died at at the age of 77 in 1968.

  5. I believe that area of West Peachtree was replaced by entrances to the I 75/85 expressway. There were quite a few dealerships in that area. One, City Chevrolet, was converted to offices for the doctors who practice at Emory Midtown. It was torn down in the last few weeks. There is still a red brick, 3-story tall building (now a law office) that has the “Albert Kahn” type of windows. I understand that was a Nash dealership. Although this was Chrysler-Plymouth about 15 blocks away on the next street West (Spring St.) sits a “Gentlemen’s Club”, the Cheetah. Very recognizable as a dealership it was the former Wagstaff DeSoto-Plymouth.

  6. The sports cars by 1964 were gone and in that building they added Sommers Marine offering Capri Houseboats and high powered boats with 413 Cu in motors with Chrysler Stern-Drive. I worked at Harry Sommers as a teenager and went to the lake with the mechanics to tune the boasts at Lake Lanier. We always carried two sets of water skies with us. After the boats were tuned we would attach the ski ropes to the Houseboat railings and ski during checkout rides. Imagine skiing behind a 40 ft houseboat with twin Chrysler V8s. Great fun when Lanier wasn’t crowded back in 1964.

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