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New York City: Queens Street Scenes in Forest Hills and Floral Park

Today we head to the Queens Borough of New York City that is located on the western end of Long Island east of Brooklyn, one the other four Boroughs that, make up the City.

The lead image and the expandable version of it (below) was taken on Continental Avenue in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens on July 26, 1950.  The scene is dominated by a pair of refuse trucks, although there are plenty of 1930s to ’50s vehicles in the picture to check out.

The picture (below) was taken on January 19, 1956, in the Floral Park just east of Queens City in Nassau County at the intersection of Tulip Avenue and Caroline Place on the left and Tyson Avenue on the right; Tulip then continues southeast and crosses Long Island Railroad tracks.

Share with us what you find of interest in the photos taken by a “Long Island Times” photographer courtesy of the Queens Library.




26 responses to “New York City: Queens Street Scenes in Forest Hills and Floral Park

  1. In the lead photograph, parked on the street facing right [two cars behind the ’49 DeSOTO Custom Sedan], is a 1942 BUICK Super Sedan.

  2. It looks like the refuse trucks have collided, the rear truck hitting the front truck spilling some of it’s load. The cars passing the trucks on the left and the sidewalk spectators attention to the street could support this theory. In any case great photo’s again and fun to look at. Thanks for posting them.

    • Hi FXLEW, I agree, and looks as if they are coming from the same place, driver #2 gonna get a stern talking to from the boss, unless,,,truck #2 looks to be older( late ’30’s) and in poorer shape, ( is the right running board tied on with rope?) and could easily have had a brake failure. I bet that’s quite a heavy load there.

  3. The block in Forest Hills Is between Continental Ave, top of photo, and Queens Blvd. Floral Park is in Nassau County not Queens. It is right on the border. The train line is the LIRR and is now elevated.

    • Floral Park is actually in both Queens and Nassau Counties. I live on 256th St in the Queens part between Hillside and Union Tpk but took the bus to StHedwig’s Parochial school in the Village of Floral Park in Nassau. It’s a peculiar situation and I’ve never come up with a definitive reason for why it was so but New Hyde Park is similarly in both counties. I think the photo is of Floral Park Nassau County

  4. Item 1 of 2: to the right in the street, a ’40 Buick opposite a ’50 Olds 88 sedan and behind a likely ’46 or ’47 Pontiac Sedan Coupe and a ’46-’48 Plymouth 4-door.
    In the distance there’s a ’50 Cadillac coming down the street.

    Item 2 of 2: the ambulance appears to be a ’52 Cadillac…waiting at the crossing a ‘55 Ford Fairlane HT, a ’56 Plymouth Savoy HT and a ’54 Chevy Two-Ten sedan

  5. In the first photo, it looks like an accident between the two trucks with some of the trash between the rear truck and the 36 Chevrolet sedan.

  6. David, great pictures as always. My family lived in Floral Park since the Fifties. The Floral Park Long Island Rail Road station was elevated in 1962. When the hayes were down, traffic would back up a half mile in either direction. The building to the left is the Floral Park Library. It is still on the same location, looking pretty much the same. The house to the right was torn down to make way for a Super Market. Everything else looks pretty much the same. Thanks again , David.

  7. I believe the 1st picture is an accident, and the guy with the white hat looking on. Box on the roof came from the back. The front truck with the fancy grill guard looks like a late 40’s REO. Bottom pic, poor person in the ambulance, clearly in a hurry. The “Ma Bell” truck is a late 40’s F1 Ford, an IH Metro behind them, and I believe the bigger truck is a Mack. Must have been before automatic gates, as it looks like that little hut and the guy outside was responsible for the gates. Wonder if he raised them for the ambulance? What a job, hey?

    • The fellow on the platform was Willie. He was the flag man for the Tulip Avenue crossing for the. LIRR. Every one in town knew him.

  8. if you look at a map of Floral Park you will see that 99% of it is in Nassau County and not Queens. I’m not sure which county this location is.

  9. Yep, and here comes the union rep in his Caddy and he’s not very happy to have his breakfast interrupted – AGAIN!!

  10. In the first picture, up to the far left parked on the cross street looks like a ’48-’49 Packard lwb New-York-type taxi cab.

  11. I note the word ‘carting’ on the first truck. Have seen ‘hauling, haulage, carting, cartage, moving, transfer, delivery as terms. Cartage is derived from cart – to carry – thus we use a cart to do so. Grocery cart, anyone? Cartable is French for school bag. I now cease carrying on. Vin

  12. Something’s missing! Don’t see any road rage ,even with the accident in the first picture. A lot better time, how do we get back?

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