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Gold Coast Of Long Island: Glen Cove New York Street Scene

To finish out the week here we have this street scene image taken from above the intersection of School and Bridge Streets looking east down Glen Street located near the center of the City of Glen Cove, New York. The photo was taken on November 11, 1958, and the great majority of the automobiles on the streets are 1950s models.

The North Shore of Long Island where Glen Cove is situated was named the “Gold Coast” in the early 20th Century because the numerous mansions and castles located on grand estates owned by the most affluent of the who’s who of society during the period.

Share with us what you find of interest in the enlargeable photos (below) taken by a “Long Island Times” photographer courtesy of the Queens Library.

31 responses to “Gold Coast Of Long Island: Glen Cove New York Street Scene

  1. “The photo was taken on November 11, 2019, and the great majority of the automobiles on the streets are 1950s models.”

    Why did they do it?
    Was it for a movie or commercial?

  2. In the lead photograph [and in both expandable pictures], in the background driving away & in the “center lane,” appears to be a 1952 PACKARD 250 convertible.

    • Also in the lead picture [and both expandable photographs], 2nd car driving away beyond the cross-walk, is a 1954 BUICK two-door Riviera, either a Century or Special.

  3. In Item 1 of 2, the “Low-priced Three” in the form of a ’57 Bel Air, a ’58 Savoy and a ’57 Fairlane 500 Skyliner rounding the corner between a ’55 Pontiac Chieftain wagon, a ’51 Olds Super 88 sedan and a ’54 Dodge Royal sedan.

    Way up ahead, also seen in Item 2 of 2, where there’s 5 cars abreast, on the left a ’57 Cadillac Coupe, a ’56 Ford F-100, likely a ’52 Packard convertible easing around a double parked ’53 Ford and a ’55 Buick at the right curb.
    Ahead of and to the left of the ’58 Ford police car are a pair of ’54 Mercury convertibles, the white one with a customized grille.

    At the very top of the photo may be a ’58 Corvette ahead of a 58 Chevy coming our way.

    • Ahead of the F-100 lurks a chrome-laden ’58 Olds sedan.

      It’s surprising with the photo dated November 11, 1958, there’s no flags or decorative bunting honoring Veterans Day…and odd that the stores appear to be open on a Federal holiday.
      Also, I see no ‘59 models. I believe the Buicks were the first out, introduced September 19th.
      At any rate, these streets would soon be besieged with what some consider to be two years of acid-trip styling of GM’s ’59 and ’60 offerings.

  4. Car entering the bottom of the 2nd photo is a ’57 Ford Skyliner. It shows up in the 1st picture just having crossed the crosswalk.

  5. The newest car I see ( besides the police car ) is a ’58 Oldsmobile. It’s just behind the ’55 Ford coming our way. I grew up nearby. During High school ( 1958-61 ) we would visit Glen Cove at night, just to raid a couple abandoned mansions up in the hills. Great memories. We also saw Baby The Rain Must Fall and Bonnie & Clyde at the movie house there.

  6. That area is The Great Gatsby country by F. Scott Fitzgerald.You would sometimes see the odds and ends of old waterfront estates scattered around that area.A grand gated entrance that lead to nowhere,tumbledown statuary and fences buried in ivy and dirt.
    The remains of The Roaring Twenties

  7. I went to HS in a nearby town, GC is one of the nicest towns on the Island. The ’57 BelAir H/T in the foreground is missing wheel covers which is odd for a late model car (with white walls). Perhaps they were snatched by the “Midnight Auto Supply” .

    I think the VW behind the cop car is also a ’58. IIRC they went to the bigger rear window that year. It has the fabric sunroof which was soon dropped for the nicer Golde metal slider. I’m surprised there isn’t a Jag or other import .
    Nowadays there is a Ferrari/Maserati store in this area.

    • Driving your pride and joy around with the wheel covers off was normal for teenagers back in the 50’s. That ’57 Chevy was exactly as we did it- With whitewall tires and black wheels we looked like we were ready for one of the two L. I. drag strips, West Hampton or Islip . Boy were those the good old days.

      • I was 14 when that was taken, none of the hot rod set could afford a well-equipped late model hardtop. Their vehicles of choice were mostly 1930s-early 50s Fords with the occasional Mopar or Chevy.
        As previously mentioned I grew up nearby and had friends in the Golden Rods hot rod club.

  8. No comment from me on the mistyped date, or the cars, but Austin Clark and I used to have lunch in the early 1970s on a regular basis at a place located in a building on the left side of the photo . Food was very good and the waitress was very pretty! On the same side of the street further down beak in the 1930s was a Packard dealer, I believe a large letter P was cast into the top corner stones of that building as well.

  9. In regard to the ’58 Ford police car, the Alfred Hitchcock thriller “North by Northwest” featured Glen Cove as part of the plot, so a ’58 Ford with Glen Cove police markings was used in the movie.

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