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Parking Lot Series: Cross Roads Shopping Center Bellevue Washington

The Cross Roads Shopping Center opened for business in Bellevue, Washington, late in 1963. Today’s feature image of the market place was published on December 12, 1963 in the “Bellevue American” newspaper. The Shopping Center was a part of a chain of shopping center – malls in the greater Seattle area anchored by Market Basket grocery and Marketime drug stores.

The great majority of the vehicles in the parking lot date from the 1950s although there are a number of 1960s cars in the photo along with at least half a dozen imports.

Share with us what you find of interest in this photograph via contributor Benjamin Ames. View over seventy-five other parking facilities in the Parking Lot Series here on The Old Motor.  

16 responses to “Parking Lot Series: Cross Roads Shopping Center Bellevue Washington

  1. The thing that struck me first was how quickly America abandoned the chrome-plated land yachts of the late fifties. All of the newer cars that I could spot in the shot are compacts — compare the ’58 Buick in the foreground with the ’61 Special to the right, or the Falcon with the various Ford/Mercury wagons. And all of the imports are tiny by comparison.

    • Looks like neither the ’58 Buick nor the circa 1953 Cadillac next to it could fit into a single parking spot.

  2. That looks like a’59 Simca Aronde nose-to-nose with that ’49 Ford. Looks like a ’62 Falcon driving past a ’59 Turnpike Cruiser. Sure are lots of station wagons at the market.

    • Looking closer at that ’49 Ford shows a tired old ride. That thing is pretty well used up, about like that ’55 Ranch Wagon along the right side.

  3. In the first aisle a beautiful ’57 Mercury Commuter 4-door hardtop wagon with a late ‘50s Simca Aronde seen above it near a ’62 Buick Special convertible. A ’59 Buick sedan next to the Mercury with a ’61 Falcon passing by.

    In the second aisle, a ’61 Mercury Monterey convertible and a ’59 T-bird convertible on the extreme right opposite two ’59 Plymouth wagons: a Custom Suburban at the end , then a DeLuxe Suburban and a ’58 Plymouth Sport Suburban. Next, likely an F-85 4-dr sedan, ’61 or ’62 and a very rare ’61 DeSoto 4-door…just over 2000 sold. Two cars to the left, a ’49 Dodge Coronet sedan.

    In the third aisle, a ’62 Valiant wagon next to a Lincoln Capri or Premier, likely a ’59 if that’s a chrome panel aft of the rear wheel, otherwise a ’58. Next appears to be either a ’59 Silver Hawk or a ’60 Hawk.Further down by the Corvair sedan is a Fiat 1100.

    The fourth aisle begins with another ’58- ’60 T-bird, also a convertible. Further down a ’62 Dodge Dart Sedan…among the few ’62 models I’ve seen here…though the Olds sedan seen over the Dodge’s trunk could be a ‘62

  4. Left center is the nose of a 1960 Buick with the tail of a 1960 Chevy just above it. In the row with the Chevy, directly behind the light pole, is a Studebaker Hawk.

  5. I’ve a feeling the “Market Basket” lettering and a big chunk of the sky were later spliced into this photo…notice how the trees seen behind it are more detailed and with sharper contrast compared to the others.

  6. In row 4, the black VW is a pre 1958 (small rear window) and the white VW just 2 cars further is a post 1957 (large rear window). I can’t tell about the VW in row 5.

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