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Prospect Motors – Cars of Distinction: Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, New York

Prospect Motors was a Ford New Car Dealer at the time this image was taken by the Photographic Department of the Ford Motor Company. The date was April 25, 1941, and Prospect Motor’s used car lot was located somewhere along Coney Island Ave., the thoroughfare stretches about six miles long north and south in the Brooklyn Borough of  New York City. The name of the side street on the far right is not legible on the street sign, although “PL” meaning “Place” can be seen after the roadway’s name.

The oldest car offered for sale is a 1933 or ’34 Packard and the newest automobiles appear to be Fords dating to the late-193os. The last truck on the far left of the line is a new 1941 model, and it was common at the time for car dealers to sell their new trucks on the used car lot.

Share with us what you find of interest in this photograph courtesy of The Henry Ford.

15 responses to “Prospect Motors – Cars of Distinction: Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, New York

  1. In the lead picture, parked to the left of the “PROSPECT” sign, is what looks like a 1937 PACKARD 120 Touring Sedan.

  2. I like the art deco used-car shack. Curved overhang, and pill-shaped windows! If it were larger, it would remind me of a roadside diner!

  3. Coney Island Ave and Hinckley Place. There is a new apartment building on the site today. I may be in Minnesota but Google maps takes me everywhere!!

  4. Could the location be 540 Coney Island Avenue?

    Newspaper ads of the day (viewable online) have a 540 Coney Island Avenue address for this dealership.

    There is an online map with a street view feature. The two pink house with the gambrel roof visible behind the KFC now located at 540 appears tio be the same house in the picture from 1941.

  5. That looks like the intersection on Coney Island Ave and Hinckley Pl. That big blocky building in the background is still there. It looks like used cars gave way to a KFC today. Thanks for the great photos!

    • Observing the small white picket fences that surround the used car lot, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that car lot had previously been the back yard for that big house right behind it and that the owner agreed to sell that land in lieu of having a back yard. I guess that if anyone were curious enough they could find out if there had been any sort of business there before Prospect Motors in what is now said to be a KFC distributorship.

  6. There are actually 4 trucks on the end. The ’41 flat bed, and 3 Ford panels, a ’36,(?) a ’38,(?) and a ”40(?)

  7. Along Comey Island Ave. was where many car dealers called home. There were dealerships all over the borough of Brooklyn, but Coney Island Ave, , like Jerome Ave. in the Bronx, was known as automobile row for buying new and used cars.

  8. The ’33/4′ Packard is a ’34. The 1933 front fenders did not reach as low down the front. The ’35 front fenders came down even lower than those on the ’34s.

  9. I’ll take that 1934 Packard Eight! The low windshield identifies it as either a Stationary Coupe or Coupe Roadster. Interesting a new Ford dealership used car operation in 1941 would have a seven year old Packard displayed on the front line along with newer used cars. It must have been in particularly good condition. Highly desirable to us now, just an old car then.

    The 1939 Ford Deluxe convertible coupe on the corner spot is where sporty, attending garnering models were usually prominently displayed.

  10. On the far left, just before the Ford truck, are there three station wagons or herses? The first appears to have glass for the full side without the thick posts woodies have.

  11. It would be interesting to know the price of the Packards. Were people down sizing or were they Lincoln trade-ins?

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