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Greenwood, Blais, and Trans-Island Auto Dealerships Montreal, Canada

According to the Archives de la Ville de Montréal, in the early-1960s photographers who worked for the City took photos along both sides Décarie Boulevard, which is a little more than four miles long and located about two miles west of the center of the Metropolis.

The lead photo and the enlargeable version of it below contain the Greenwood dealership on the left-hand side that handled the Skoda which is manufactured in the Czech Republic. On the right-hand side of the picture is the Blais dealership that sold the Rambler and the Metropolitan compact.

The second and third images (below) are of Trans-Island Motors, a Dodge and Chrysler Used Car & Truck sales lot. A 1961 Dodge Dart is visible on a platform on the corner of the lot that may indicate the photos were taken that year.

Share with us what you find of interest in this photograph courtesy of the Archives de la Ville de Montreal.

13 responses to “Greenwood, Blais, and Trans-Island Auto Dealerships Montreal, Canada

  1. Third photo down, of the used cars facing the street, I see both a `58 Chrysler New Yorker 4dr. sedan, and a `58 Chrysler Windsor hardtop, along with a `57 Buick. Surprised the dealership didn’t prep the `61 Dodge Dart before putting on the raised display; it would help sell better! behind the new `61 Dart, I spot a Simca sedan.

  2. In Item 1 of 3 from the left I believe I see a ’57 Monarch and a ’55 Pontiac hardtop (possibly a Laurentian) with a ’55 or ’56 B-body Buick 4-door Riviera seen in between them, a pair of late-50s Czech Skodas. Over to the right a ’57 Bel Air or Two-Ten coupe ahead of another ’55 Pontiac, a two-tone ’57 Buick Special convertible with a ’61 Chevy Biscayne sedan on the street

    In Item 2 of 3, a ‘61 Dodge Dart Seneca or Pioneer sedan up on the platform, a black ’58 Chrysler New Yorker, perhaps a dark ’59 Chevy behind a ’61 Biscayne, a black ’60 Dodge Dart Phoenix sedan, a two-tone ’57 Buick Century Riviera coupe, not sure on the next but likely a ’57 or ’58 base Plymouth sedan, a ’57 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan, a ’58 Chrysler Saratoga sedan, a ’58 Chevy or Pontiac wagon seen behind a ’58 Olds Super 88 or Ninety Eight sedan.

    In Item 3 of 3, to the left of the white Dart, a late-50s Ford Consul blocking most of an apparent ’59 Dodge with a 1st-gen Corvair Coupe, a ’58 Olds Super 88 or Ninety Eight (“Oldsmobile” on the trunk lid vs an 88), an unidentified car, a ’59 Chevy Impala or Bel Air 4-door hardtop, another ’58 Olds…an 88 (no dimples in the upper lip of the bumper) and possibly a ’60 Pontiac.

  3. That near-new, yet grubby looking Chevy four-door is most likely the car those photographers were using. I’ll take the ’61 Dart, the ’57 Chevy hardtop, and all the ’57 Buicks if they’ll let me write a check.

  4. In the 1st pic, the VW is a ’56 or ’57 with those turn signals. Seems I always remember old Pontiacs like that with the hood up. The 1st car, that I don’t think the young men are looking at, is a new Morris Minor. The ’61 Chevy looks pretty dirty for a new car. I bet Canada had a lot less paved roads than we did. The Mercury(?) in the back looks pretty tired. Also, a bit odd, Blais Motors specializes in Rambler and Metropolitan, yet I don’t see any on the lot. Now the 2nd pic, much more interesting. They sure thought enough of Dodges styling to put it up there. I wonder if someone isn’t happy with their new Chevy on the street. Since Pat ID’d the Chryslers are not DeSotos, I wonder, did Canada have DeSotos? Last pic, the Corvair has to be pretty new, the grill below the back bumper isn’t even oily yet. Ma walking along has nothing to do with cars, although she appears to be looking at the 1st car.

    • Howard, yes Canada did have a DeSoto model available however it was considered an export model. A DeSoto front clip was “grafted” onto a Dodge Dart chassis/body to make a 1960 DeSoto Diplomat. Whereas the last DeSoto’s made for the states ended after the 1961 model, the Diplomat’s swan song was for 1960.

      • The 1960 DeSoto Diplomat was virtually the same as a 1960 Canadian built Dodge Dart. i.e. it had a ’60 Plymouth instrument panel, a ’60 Plymouth commensurate interior and some DeSoto appearing side trim to distinguish it from the Darts. The ’57 thru ’59 Diplomats did put a DeSoto front end on a Plymouth but that was not the case in 1960. 1961 Diplomats were also 99% Dodge Darts, again with DeSoto-esque side trim supplementing the Dart trim, used Plymouth instrument panels and Plymouth interiors. Depending on the export market, these cars were either built in Windsor Ontario or Detroit Michigan.

    • Charles, I had guessed it was a Ford Consul but I think you’re right….thanks for the correction! The sweep of side chrome around the lead edge of the front wheel is distinctive to the Ariane as is the “V” dip above the grille.

  5. In picture #3 the back end of the car in the street looks very much like a Humber Super Snipe
    Owned a 64 Super Snipe back when. Wood, Connelly leather and a prewar six.

  6. Surprised to see in the ’60s the now universal “No__” sign indicating no trucks on this street using the circle with diagonal line through the forbidden subject.

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