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Stanley Porter Mercedes-Benz Cape Town, South Africa

We have featured hundreds of photos containing American new car dealerships over the years so for a change of pace today the impressive Stanley Porter Mercedes-Benz operation located in Cape Town, South Africa on Buitengracht St. photographed in 1961 is our focus.

Exactly how long Porter sold and serviced the Mercedes-Benz in Cape Town is not know, although a reference was found to his son Alan Porter operating the dealership after his father. Auto Union came under Daimler-Benz ownership in 1957 and at some point after that time, Porter also took on the DKW franchise.

It appears that the showroom was on the ground floor and the second and third stories contained the service department. The fourth floor was mixed-use with a rooftop parking garage and the three floors above it apparently contained the Company offices. The impressive seven-story building was capped with a rotating Mercedes “Silver Star.” A second photo of the dealership in 1963 is visible here.

Share with us what you find of interest in the photograph courtesy of UWMilwaukee.

17 responses to “Stanley Porter Mercedes-Benz Cape Town, South Africa

  1. David,

    Nice picture and thanks for adding an expandable picture to the lead photograph.

    Parked, about 15 vehicles back, is the tail-end of a 1959 RAMBLER [3 vehicles beyond the JEEP truck].

    • What I thought was the rear end of an Austin A50 might be a Rambler, it’s hard to tell because so much of the vehicle is obscured.
      For myself, I’d go for the Austin because BMC (who made Austins) were trying very hard in the South African market in the 1950s.

  2. This one’s a cinch for us British !
    Leaving out the VWs and the DKW, going from left to right we have – Austin A40 Somerset, Standard Vanguard Mark 3, Austin A40 Devon (contrasting trunk lid definitely not stock !), Austin A50 (I think), Standard Vanguard Mark 1, Vauxhall Cresta, Morris Minor, and at the end of the row a Singer Gazelle (although this one could be a Hillman Minx, I think it’s more likely the Singer with that contrasting side stripe).

  3. Willys sure got around. The panel truck looks like a ’47-’48, 2 wheel drive. How the Rambler made it all the way from Kenosha, Wis. is anyones guess. The tow truck and other truck look like IH cabs, and the 1st car next to the VW I believe is an Anglia or Prefect. The blue wagon farther down could be a Willys as well.

      • Possibly, or, since ZA Amcar plant was not opened until ’61 (as joint venture), more probably imported. Plant went through different owners who built different cars/trucks (from Rambler Classics, AMC Rebels and Hornets to Chrysler Valiants to Mitsubishis to Mazdas [some 323s even sold in the UK] to many more) —and today it’s wholly owned and perated by Ford.

    • I think the tow truck and other truck are both Mercedes Benz L311 or L3122 trucks, especially since they are standing in front of a Mercedes Benz agency.

  4. Great to find your website! I’m typing this comment from my 1970 Mercedes W115 220D series 1, which was bought at that dealership for the staggering amount of R4006 ($270). I’m the second owner, and have just rebuilt the engine!

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