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Parking Lot Series: Northeastern University Dormitory Parking

This “Parking Lot Series” photo dated by the source to 1962 was taken at Northeastern University located in Boston, MA of the West Men’s Dorm building and the student parking lot in front of it. Seeing as only Northeastern students parked here the great majority of the automobiles in the lot are used cars dating to the 1950s. The Dormitory was located at the intersection of Forsyth St. and Huntington Ave. and has been replaced by the White Hall.

Share with you what you find of interest in this photograph courtesy of the Northeastern University Library.

8 responses to “Parking Lot Series: Northeastern University Dormitory Parking

  1. Lots of “student ” cars, Rambler Americans, Volkswagen Beetles, and older Fords, Plymouths and Chevrolets. A TR-3 (?) On the bottom of the photo possibly a Renault Dauphine, maybe a couple of oddball Fiats.

  2. Parked on the street in the background center, facing left, is either a 1953 or ’54 STUDEBAKER Starlight Coupé. The vehicle appears to have mismatched tires.

    Also there are at least eight RAMBLER cars in the parking lot.

  3. Are you sure it’s not the faculty lot? It is a mundane bunch of transportation except for a 1957 Ford convertible near the bottom and an MG-A(?) near the top of the photo.


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