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Thompson Cadillac-Olds and Page Hughes Buick Used Cars

Today’s lead image found via is a view of a row of cars for sale at Thompson Cadillac-Oldsmobile at an unknown location. The first five cars are used vehicles followed by what appears to be eight or more 1955 Oldsmobiles.

Research has found that Bloomberg lists a Thompson Cadillac and Oldsmobile at 2600 Wake Forest Road in Raleigh, NC. The dealership appears to be in business today as Thompson Buick GMC at the same address and lists 1956 as the year that the agency was established. Can any of our readers confirm that the photo is of the North Carolina car sellers location?

The second photo (below) found via is of Page Hughes Buick. The circa 1954 photo is courtesy of Northern Virginia History that states the location is in Falls Church, VA at the intersection of Annandale Rd and Rt 50. Bill Page Honda is now located in Falls Church at a different address and maybe operated by a member of the same family?

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  1. The image of Page-Highes Buick has an incorrect date, as I see a supposedly ‘used’ `53 Olds 98 cvt. in the used-car line-up, and a `53 Buick Special sedan behind the `52 Chevy Fleetline. It’s fairly common for car dealers to buy used cars at auctions, so I wouldn’t doubt that is where many of these were acquired. I would be inclined to say the image was probably shot in late `53 or `54. I cannot see into the showroom to know what model years the ‘new’ cars are.

  2. In the lead picture, 2nd car from the right, is what looks a 1953 BUICK Special Riviera, but may be a Super; the hub-caps would tell the difference.

    • In the same photograph, 2nd car from the right, is either a 1947 or ’48 BUICK convertible. Hard to tell if a Roadmaster or Super model.

  3. First photo, has a nice clean collection of used cars of all makes. The second photo has a goo looking 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline 2 door.

  4. In Item 1 of 2 I see a ’54 Mercury Custom, a ’53 Buick Riviera of some model, a ’53 Pontiac Chieftain 2-door sedan, a ’54 Olds 4-door sedan, a ’55 Mercury sedan, and a ’55 Olds Super 88

    In Item 2 of 2, I see a ’51 Chevy Fleetline Deluxe 2-door sedan, a ’51 Mercury, a ’51 Pontiac, a ’47 or ’48 Buick Super or Roadmaster and a ’53 Olds Ninety Eight convertible. Behind the Chevy a ’51 Buick Special sedan

    • Hard to be sure, but I think you’re right that the Merc is a ’55. The most noticeable difference is in the grill, with the ’56 having grill bullets with a different contour. I learned to drive in a ’56 Mercury Medalist 4- door “phaeton”.

  5. I live in the same general area as the second photo. Both Bill Page Toyota and Bill Page Honda are at 50 and Annandale, on opposite corners of the intersection (with a Walgreens between the Honda dealer and Annandale Road).

    The namesake for the Bill Page dealerships is William J Page, the son of the William H Page that owned Page-Hughes. It opened in 1950 and went from Buick to Ford to Pontiac to Pontiac and Honda (in 1971) to just Honda (in 1982). William H passed away in 2007.

  6. The first used car on the right in the lead picture is a ’54 Mercury whilst the fifth and last used car is definitely a ’55 Mercury. The row of new Oldsmobiles which follow that car are thus probably all ’56 models rather than ’55 as the ’54-’56 Oldsmobile cars all look almost identical in my opinion.

    • MP, since the 54-56 Olds were all on the same body, I agree that from many vantage points they look very similar…except from the front. The ’54 had a relatively normal horizontal bumper, the ’55 had a much more massive bumper when viewed from the side that was considerably dished out in the center to accommodate and surround the bottom half of its grille.
      However, the ’56 was entirely distinct with a repeat of the ‘55’s massive bumper when viewed from the side and dipping down under the grille, but the bumper also rose and arched across the top of the grille to completely surround it.
      I think you’re right, it does appear that there are a number of ’56 Olds farther down in the Lead Photo.

    • The first of the new Oldsmobiles past the ’55 Merc has a circular “88” badge on the front fender just aft of the headlight. That appeared only on 1955 models. The next two new cars have the same front clip but lack the “88” badge so are probably Ninety-Eights. Beyond them there is not enough visible to determine the model but the parts that can be seen are identical so they are all 1955s.

      • After reviewing Pat W’s comment and taking another look at the lead photo I now think the line-up of Oldsmobiles consists of five 1955s followed by two 1956s. Unfortunately, the expandable photo does not include that portion of the lead photo so it is difficult to be sure.

  7. “All Square Used Cars”? Anything but, a better term for todays cars. And btw, being a carpenters son, I know “All Square” means “perfect”.

  8. What catches my eye is the leaning lamp poles and the sheer number of incandescent bulbs used to illuminate the car lot. Electricity must have been very reasonable back then. Having the poles lean seems to make the cars more vulnerable to them. Quite odd.
    Love to have one of these neat looking cars.

  9. Thank you, Howard, I’m the grandson of a carpenter who unfortunately passed away when I was 16 years-old. Although I have my grandfather’s “square,” I never had the opportunity for him to teach me any of his carpentry and cabinet-making skills. Learning from you that “all square” means “perfect” is something I’m most happy to learn today while I sit at my breakfast table which overlooks a small street in Paris in the Ile St. Louis. I would also like to thank Joel True for pointing out that small circular badge on the front fender of the Olds as a determining feature that makes it an “88” produced in 1955. And finally a thank you to David for bringing this column to life for all of us. Merci beaucoup.

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