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Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs No. 227

Today’s lead image taken in the late-1960s contains a wide variety of domestic cars and only one lone import. The palm trees, the stores, and the street signs should make it easy for our readers to identify where this photo was taken.

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via This Was Americar.

  • Two-tone pastel-colored 1950s cars dominate this seaside street scene.

  • An auto salvage operation in the New York City area.

  • This like-minded group of racing and high-performance enthusiasts favored the cars produced by one automaker. 

49 responses to “Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs No. 227

  1. In the 2nd picture [1st expandable photograph], parked on the street & facing away from the camera, is a 1954 OLDSMOBILE Super 88 Convertible Coupé.

  2. The lead image is probably downtown San Diego or L.A. Behind the `64 Chevy facing us I see a `60 Olds of some variety peeking out, and in the cross-street further back, a `60 Starliner makes its way through traffic.
    The second image is an eye-popper if there ever was one! I spot at least `58 Fords, and nothing from `59 leading me to believe `58 is when this shot was snapped. A Skyliner, a Fairlane 500 hardtop, and a black Country Squire represent the blue oval. Further down the line of cars parked facing left, a `57 Cadillac, and a `57-`58 MoPar cvt. that looks to be either a Chrysler or DeSoto; I’m leaning towards the DeSoto. Across the street a `55 Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe sedan sits next to a `55-`56 Ford Squire & a `58 Impala (based on the taillights).

  3. In the 2nd photograph [1st expandable picture], parked on the water side of the street, is a two-tone green 1955 CHRYSLER New Yorker Deluxe Sedan. Parked five cars to the left of this ’55 CHRYSLER is a tri-tone 1955 BUICK.

  4. Interesting bone yard photo. In a little bit of disarray but I have seen worse. On the roof like that I think it would reduce theft, And that was huge years ago.


      • I don’t would you explain it being on the same level as the elevated train to the left…and the second story of the building in the background?

        I’m not a New Yorker, but I don’t think Brooklyn is THAT hilly.

      • I think you are both right about that but there’s a serious change of level between the yard and the buildings across the street – judging from the style of the shorter buildings and the stairway you can see off to the left, I’m guessing the difference is about 1 to 1 1/2 stories. That’s common in a lot of areas in the South Bronx.

        • ’69 AMC Rebel 770 sedan?
          ’69-’70 Dodge Monaco wagon?
          Fire so hot it burned water tower?

          Yard, L train and Dean Wiping still there.


          Switch to 3D and swivel to see a similar view.

      • We’re that actually a roof, what sort of roofing material would stand up to the abuse of a wrecking yard? And where has anyone seen such a setup before? I’d submit a possible explantation of the sharp dropoff behind the wall is a railroad cut running east-west in the photo.

        • That would be a parking garage style roof — New York has ALL KINDS of building codes we never dream about. And some buildings have parking exclusively on the roof.

  6. First photo- Downtown San Diego.

    Last photo looks to me to be mid to late 1980s. Front and center the late Rick Johnson’s 1962 Catalina SD 421 405hp. (Which replaced his “No Sponsor 1961 Ventura).

  7. The second picture sure makes me homesick. I grew up as a kid in the 1960’s in my fathers salvage yard. What fun it was! Is that a red ’59 El Camino I see in the center of the photo? And is that a Pontiac Station Wagon on the far left? looks like the building across the street suffered some major fire damage. Maybe they used to work inside.

  8. In the Lead Photo I see ’66 or ’67 Chevy II taxi, ’65 Pontiac and a ’63 Fairlane on the right. On the left at the curb a ’67 Olds 88 ahead of a white ’65 Cadillac (horizontal crease between headlights wrapping around to the side vs a ’66). In the street, a Volvo P 120 series ahead of a likely ’67 Ford and a ’64 Chevy ahead of a possible ’60 Olds. In the distance, a pale blue ’60 Ford Starliner crossing the intersection.

    In Item 1 of 3, on the left a ’58 Ford Skyliner beside a ’54 Cadillac Coupe(lower “bullets” vs a ’55, another ’58 Ford and a likely ’57 Buick Estate wagon.
    In the road, a ’58 Country Squire following a white likely ’54 Olds 98 convertible (“checkmark” side trim and broad emblem and stripe down the middle of the trunk lid vs an 88 and no lip on the bumper vs a ’55).
    On the right, the tail end of possibly a ’58 Plymouth, a ’55 Chrysler New Yorker sedan, a ’57 Ford Country Squire, a ’58 Impala convertible (?), a ’55 Olds 88, another ’57 Ford, a black, red and ivory ’55 Buick Super Riviera (“Super” emblem above side trim dip vs no emblem on Roadmaster…also Roadmaster had a broad chrome panel aft of the rear wheel).

    In Item 2 of 3, of interest a ’59 El Camino, the two VW Type 2s, the ’65 or ’66 AMC Classic wagon on the left and the ’69 Caprice Coupe in the lower right.

    In Item 3 of 3, a trio of ’61 Ventura bubbletops (center, right and right rear) and a fearsome-looking ’63 Tempest on the left

    • AML, I understand the Starliner first had a “Galaxie” emblem in its second and final year in ’61 (on the trunk lid)…along with it returning to the Sunliner.
      In ’59 the Sunliner became a Galaxie model mid-year when the Galaxie lineup was introduced. But in ’60, oddly the Starliner and Sunliner were both distinct Ford models and not a part of the Galaxie lineup.

  9. In the very middle of the wrecking yard there is a ’59 El Camino that is among my pet desires. I had the chance to drive one for a time when they were still pretty new. The 348 and three-speed made it a fun thing to make deliveries in on the way back to the auto parts store. Best job I ever had, maybe.

    • That photo must be around 1973 as I see a chevy Impala/Caprice with the distinct 3 lights on each side of the rear like the one I drove.

  10. Was there a reason my comment wasn’t published? I guess the condensed version, since people figured 1st was San Diego, 2nd looks like A1A in Florida, 3rd, those buses are worth 5 figures today, and last Rick Johnson was from Crete, Ill. S. Chicago, and teamed up with Larry Kaufman and his War Chief Pontiac shown behind Rick. Is that Arnie Beswick in the Tempest? If double post, sorry.

  11. The 1st picture immediately made me laugh……yesterday afternoon on my way through town (Kailua-Kona, HI), an old Volvo Amazon the same color as the one in the picture was following me. I let them pass to look it over and it looked to be in excellent shape. Love ’em, and yes David, there is a fabulous looking P-1800 here in town too ! Always love these Fridays to make my day start off so “colorful”. Thanks again sir.

  12. My thoughts, please:

    1) In the first pic the Starliner going across shows how extremely short the blocks are, about 4 car lengths.
    2) In that pic “Self Service Records”? I started buying records about that time and I only remember self-service. At one time were they sold by clerks?
    3) What I wouldn’t give to see people’s eyes pop if they were to see the 58 Skyliner driving down the street today. The yellow / white is fabulous.
    4) Doesn’t look like a part of NY I’d like to visit.

    As always, thanks again David for Kodachrome Fridays!

  13. That first pics LA
    For sure
    see how you can’t see more than a couple of blocks then it goes white
    T hats some smog !
    I remember in grammar school at Warner Ave School , (we lived near UCLA ) there they’d have “smog alerts” when we couldn’t go outside for resses
    And that wierd feeling when you couldnt breath right
    It was right up there with “duck and cover “
    I was 5 or 6

    • Well, yes and no on the smog photo. Yes, there were smog alerts at that time ( I used to run X/C in high school and the coach could give a damn!), but more than likely the white effect is just a matter of white balance with the film used, i.e. getting correct exposure for the darker area with the cars would naturally result in over-exposure for the sky, IMHO.

  14. Those Pontiacs remind me of Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick, who I saw run at the York US 30 Drag-O-Way in Thomasville, Pennsylvania, in the early 1960s. Run by the Hostetters, the strip also served as the Thomasville airport, so when an airplane needed to land, the drags shut down for a few minutes. Have a few interesting photos from there, some shot with my home-made telephoto lens, which involved a cheapo magnifying glass, two soup cans lined with black felt, and a carved wooden mount. My brother ran a V8 Chevelle there.

  15. The first picture was taken between 9th St and 8th St, Anywhere, USA but judging from the smog and living in the area at the time. I think it’s LA

    • I will correct myself. The fluorescent sign on the left above the blue Olds and white Cad is Kelsey Jenny College. In the 1960 ‘s it was a business college in San Diego. It went bankrupt and was later moved to the UC San Diego campus.

  16. Miami/Miami Beach/S Florida 1958 or ’59?

    1958 Chevrolet Impala in front of apartment building across street. Vehicles appear to have light colored tags which Florida had in ’57 & ’59. (Also in ’62 during this era, but don’t see any vehicles newer than ’58 or ’59)

    Architecture, coconut palms, Australian pines and “pastel-colored vehicles” clue are another possible indication.

    The body of water could be Biscayne Bay.

    The only unknown is the land mass “across” the body of water appears to be mountainous (or it could be the distortion of the colors).

    Apologize for no specifics, although if my dad were still living and this was in fact Miami; he could provide specific details down to things only someone living on this street would know….he was in law enforcement in Miami in the mid-late ’50s.

  17. A couple of my uncles (they were twins actually) drag raced Pontiacs back in the early sixties. One of them was a mechanic at a Pontiac dealer and the other was working there as a salesman. They talked the dealer into sponsoring them for several years before he pulled the plug. The first car they raced was a ’59 Pontiac two door sedan, it had the old school HydraMatic transmission and they put in a B&M Hydrostick to manually shift the gears. The second car was a ’63 Catalina two door that was specially ordered for drag racing; it had a factory four speed and a 4.56 final drive. I didn’t know any of this as it was happening, these guys were my mother’s brothers and her family and my family didn’t get along very well at that time. I learned it by chance several years later when I was visiting my cousin (home on leave from the Army) and noticed all of the trophies scattered throughout the house. The interesting thing was that I actually saw the ’63 Pontiac race a couple times but had no idea who was involved in running the car.

  18. The last photo is of a group of pontiac racers from the chicago area. They ran very hard and where very fast. Those guy’s could row a 4 speed lever!!. A few are still around. Most of the cars in the photo still exist and still race. That is arnie beswick with a version of his tameless tiger tempest.

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