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Starting Them Out Young at the Forest Park Zoo

This charming image was taken at the Forest Park Zoo located in Fort Worth, Texas in August of 1941. The subject of the photographer’s attention here is twin sisters Lanelle and Lounette Wyatt, who were four years old at the time. The rest of the children have surprised looks on their faces while the adults in the background are all smiling.

Share with us what you find of interest in this photograph courtesy of the University of Texas  Arlington and what you may know about this amusement park ride.

15 responses to “Starting Them Out Young at the Forest Park Zoo

  1. Cut little `35 Ford roasters the girls are riding in. (based on the grill, anyway…) The little boy looks like the girls are the first twins he’s ever laid eyes on!

  2. I gather that is something of a merry-go-round with cars rather than horses. At first the floorboards and sections of fence confused me. The boy got the fire engine to ride in!

  3. The little car appears to be an amusement park car ride. There are a few companies making these cars, both gas and electric, Gould Manufacturing being one of them. I couldn’t find any car that looked like the one in the picture but it’s about the best looking one I’ve seen. If one exists, it would be a great addition to someone’s collection and probably pretty pricey since I suspect very few were manufactured.

    The amusement park still exists and I think the auto track has been converted into a kiddie railroad.

    An aside, both of the cute little girls are now 82 years old and I think both are widowed but still living in the Ft. Worth area.

  4. As always, I wonder what became of the people in the photo?
    Doing some quick math, the girls would be 82 today…

    Wonder if those are their grandparents to the left? They might even new the parents as a lot of successful guys seemed to have married late and women’s fashions of the day made them look older than they were.

    Neat cars.
    From merry-go-round units like those, to bumper cars and you drive cars on tracks at amusement parks, an article or maybe even a book on the subject would be fun.

    At Old Tucson film studio in the ’90s, they had a self drive track with mini-Stutz Bearcats…I’d love one of those.

  5. The owner of a carnival came in the shop one day with an electrical problem on some kind of classic car but the wiring had been butchered and jury rigged so much no one could fix the problem,not even the head man so we suggested he have the old wiring torn out and have the car rewired and he just went kabluey on us,we were a bunch of incompetents,etc.etc. so we told him that maybe his classic car would be put to better use if he installed it in one his kiddie rides like in the above picture and boy he did he really go nutso then…

  6. ( in my best Paul Harvey voice) And that little boys name, ( leaning forward in anticipation) was a very young A.J. Foyt. And now you know the rest of the story, good day,,

  7. I wonder if the “floor” underneath, that the cars’ wheels rode on, had any bumps or undulations to make the ride more realistic?

  8. When I first read ‘Forest Park Zoo’ I immediately thought it must be Springfield, Mass. where there was a nice zoo at Forest Park. To my surprise this one is in Texas. Much the same idea.

  9. The little boy sure has his eyes on the two young girls next to him. I am thinking he is saying to himself, “there is no way these two are going to beat me around this circle! I will beat them in my fire truck”!

  10. If you think about these photos for a minute you will realize that if any of these kids are still alive they are almost 80 years old now.

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