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Five Kodachrome Images of Roadside Eateries and Gas Stations

For a bit of a change of pace today, we have decided to take a break from vehicles, roadways, and street scenes to take a look at photos of roadside establishments and trade signs in the Library of Congress Collection.

The pictures are from the John Margolies Roadside America photograph archive; some are dated although all of the locations have been identified. To begin the lead image contains a view of the Ko-Ko-Mo Dine In Your Car sign, the Drive-in was located at the intersection of Routes 79 and 80 in Bossier City, Louisiana. The sign and the building have not survived and all of the parcels at the intersection are vacant today.

Please share with us what you find of interest in these photographs. 

The Weld County Garage (and filling station) has survived and is now a restaurant located at the intersection of Routes 85 and 34 in Greeley, Colorado.

The the Lulhaven Bar is located at 200 Merrill Avenue in Glendive, Montana, and was constructed in 1901. The front corner of the building was rounded off and it was covered with Carrara glass panels, and glass blocks when it was remodeled in the Art Deco fashion in the 1930s. It has survived, and at last report (2008) was being restored, although the 2015 Google Street View image shows that its exterior appearance has not changed.

The Milk Depot filling station was located at 900 South and 140 East (Jefferson St.) in Salt Lake City, Utah. At the time it was photographed, it was for sale, although it is not known if it has survived or has been torn down.

The “Miss Bellows Falls” dinner, manufactured by the Worcester Lunch Car Company in the City in Massachusetts it is named after. It is in operation and located in Bellows Falls, Vermont on Route 5, just twenty miles north of The Old Motor were the “Royal” Diner has survived.

15 responses to “Five Kodachrome Images of Roadside Eateries and Gas Stations

  1. We have another of those Wooster Lunch Car diners in Florence, MA. The Miss Florence diner, known locally as Miss Flo. I can’t post links, but it’s got a pretty good internet presence. Just Google “Miss Florence Diner.”

  2. I sure wish diner cars would make a come back. Here in Omaha, we had one that was started back in the late 70’s downtown in a trendy area called The Old Market. Last year, the owners caved in to a contractor wanting to build a hotel in a 3 sq. block area that has 4 hotels already, and most have an occupancy rate of about 30%. The food was great there, and an ideal spot for brunch on weekends. Now all we have are two-bit chains with drive-thru’s. Let’s just say I cook alot more at home these days.

    • Have eaten there with my late friend Howard Shoemaker, who was a cartoonist for Playboy, Road & Track, etc. and designed the Mutual of Omaha logo. He was a huge fan of old Porsches.

  3. “All the way to Kokomo”, was the saying. Named for an Indian Chief, ( no foolin’) dubbed “the ornriest town in the nation”. Weld County Garage clocked stopped at high noon ( cue X files music) Rocket Gas clearly must have been near a race track, and last, replaced by fast food. Help wanted sign, you could always work at a diner.

  4. What a surprise to see the Ko-Ko-Mo sign! My folks took us to eat here often, as we lived in the Shreveport – Bossier City area in the late 50’s to mid-60’s. The burgers were delicious, and inexpensive. The drive in worked much like Sonic, and everything was either framed in neon, or brightly lit. It was like eating in a carnival!

  5. Even the brickwork on the Weld County Garage is special. Many old garages in Colorado survive as restaurants.

    The Lulhaven is very attractive, but whoever installed that newish aluminum front door should be castigated. Replace the original wooden door or whatever. The “teeth” atop the guardrail at right are obviously meant to ward off miscreants.

  6. Jefferson Street in Salt Lake City is 140 West, not East. It appears that lot was cleared some time ago and something new was recently constructed on it.

  7. The Milk Depot photo was taken sometime in the late ’70s to mid ’80s, judging by the 73-88 Chevy pickup and the graphics and slogan on the Air Force recruiting sign.

    The diner shot was taken post-1967/8, judging by the Coke logo on the sign.

  8. Don’t get me started on old bars.The Half Moon on Bowery and The Red Witch on west 4th st. in my hometown
    The kind that had neon tubes behind the bar and framing the windows.Really old bars that go back 100 yrs or more don’t have bar stools.You bellied up to the bar to drink.Aint you ever seen Gunsmoke or Rawhide?

  9. As the Weld County Garage sign tells us, it was founded in 1908, which makes it the oldest Buick dealer west of the Mississippi. The sign was installed in 1949 and is was placed on the City of Greeley’s historic register in 1996.

  10. Second i saw the photo of the Milk D my gray matter said “I KNOW THAT PLACE”.
    Cant say i ever purchased anything there unless they sold Beer. That rocket has blasted off to somewhere else.

  11. Teeth appear to be on the gate, not the fence. If some ‘heavyweight’ sat on the gate it would get bent and stop working.

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