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Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs No. 237

Everyone loves a parade, and in the lead image, it appears that all of these women also liked to sing. The group of four women in the back of this bright yellow convertible a local car dealer may have supplied apparently were a part of a pep rally near a women’s school. Can any of our readers identify the location?

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via This Was Americar.

  • The bride and the groom are about to be escorted away from the wedding in this tomato red convertible.

  • Possibly another wedding with the reception held at the local drive in?

  • Are you talking to me?

48 responses to “Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs No. 237

    • Correct on the ‘56 Buick. According to the rear bumper, this car had dual exhausts, standard on Century but optional on the Special.

  1. 1st pic, I found a car like this pulling a float in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in 1956. The girls have Indian Chiefs on their jackets, if that helps. 2nd pic, looks like 1961 Ohio plates, and that T-bird didn’t last 6 months after the wedding. 3rd, a reception at a burger joint? More like after the ceremony, quick bite before the reception, that service lasted forever. Nice Chevy pickup, ’59? Looks like they came in a convertible. Last, clearly, dad, moving up the ladder, got a new Buick, and junior got the old Chevy. Not sure what he’s holding, maybe a little carb work, good as new.

    • Had to look twice to realize those were girls in the first picture. Thought they were boys with blankets across their laps to keep warm. — Not saying very much for the girls beauty, but the longer I look at them, the more they look like boys in drag.

  2. No idea about any of the locations, but the yellow 56 Ford Sunliner with the optional Thunderbird V8 (probably the 292 4-barrel, but possibly the 312 4-barrel) sure is a beautiful car. So is the 60 Thunderbird convertible in the first expandable picture. Interesting that the 66 (?) Caprice (?) in the second expandable picture has redline tires and Super Sport wheel covers. Too bad the lady in yellow is hiding the front fender; I’d bet the Caprice has a big block in it (probably the 396/325, but ?). Finally, last pic, that sure is a clean 50 Chevy considering it’s several years old (note the 56 Buick in the garage) and is in snow/salt country.

    • I just noticed that the guy is waxing his 50 Chevy. Has yet to buff out the passenger side of the hood. No wonder the car is so shiny.

    • I too think it’s a ’65 Caprice. Very few ’65’s made but all I have seen were 396’s. Those are ’63 SS hubcaps which were also used on ’67 Camaro SS’s. My car came with them from the dealer. So were they used in ’65 too?

      • The only Caprice available in ’65 was the four-door; the car in the picture is a ’66. In ’66, they came out with a unique roof for the new Caprice 2-door hardtops that differentiated them from Impalas.

        • In late ’65 my parents bought a Impala SS just before the ’66’s came out. At the dealer were about three 1965 Caprices with the formal roofline and all had 396’s as mentioned before. I specifically remember a black one with red interior. This red car could be a ’66 but there were two door Caprices built in ’65.

  3. In the Lead Photo a ’56 Ford Sunliner, in Item 1 of 3, a ’60 T-bird, in Item 2 of 3 a ’59 Chevy Fleetside, a VW and a ’66 Caprice coupe.
    In Item 3 of 3, a black ’50 Chevy Fleetline 2-door sedan and a yellow ’56 Buick Special or Century in the garage

  4. Re: the last picture…not sure I’ve ever seen a fellow “simonize” his car out in the snow.
    Of course, that’s why that Chevrolet shines like a new penny.

  5. The Four Socks Singers seem to be having a great time on that Fairlane. And based on the height of the Bobby Soxer’s socks at the curb, it’s probably mid-winter and 30 degrees outside. Man, what a time.

    I found a St. Vitus Auditorium in Cleveland OH which matches the plates on the 58-60 Tbird.

    Not a perfect match, but the attitude of the studs rolling up to the drive-in reminded me more of the posturing of Mickey Rourke and gang heading into the DINER.

    I got nuttin’ on the CT Chevy or whatever used to be in da trunk. Forgotaboudit, already.

    thanks David! Warm weather ahead in VT!

  6. In the lead picture. Four Women, David? It looks to me that they are four young college boys dressed in drag and having a good time sitting in the back of that beautiful “golden rod” yellow 1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner convertible alongside a crowd of curious onlookers.

  7. The second photo (1st expandable) shows a 1960 Thunderbird whose photo was taken in front of St. Vitus Church at 6098 Lausche Ave in Cleveland, Ohio. The church is still there along with the fencing and the building on the opposite corner.

  8. I’m guessing the leading picture is a homecoming parade and the group of girls standing on the sidewalk are singing with the cheerleaders. They could be the pep squad. The show stopper is that canary ’56 Ford. What a beauty!
    In the last picture the proud owner of the ’49 Chevy is putting a mirror finish on that black paint. His dad must be an official of some type with the special license tag on his ’55/’56 Buick. Maybe County Commissioner?

  9. 73 Mustang convertible, 6 cylinder automatic no other options.
    Bought new for use in a local, little town annual apple blossom festival.
    As of 2016, it was in the hands of the son of the original owner.
    With 78 miles.

  10. I like the all black 1950 (plain grill, no “teeth”) Chevrolet. In Califunny, those were usually called a two-door fast-back! Other areas of the country had other names for that body style. I had a 1952 Chevrolet that looked much like that many years ago.

  11. That solid yellow ’56 Ford Sunliner convertible looks unusual as most one encountered then and now were two-tone with either black or white.
    The groom must have been doing well to afford a red ’60 Thunderbird convertible, bets it got traded for a Country Squire in a few years.
    All dress up but found the fancy restaurant couldn’t seat them for an hour, off to the burger joint!
    Simonizing his black Chevy when there was still snow on the ground, peeved as it was cold on the hands so don’t bother him with silly picture-taking.

    • Looking like what at them? Looks like high school senior boys dressed in school jackets. Social norms were totally different back then.

      • They are definitely girls. Look at the hairstyles of the girls in the street. Same type of short hairstyle. Looking at the few boys in the background, none have long hair.

  12. Sure, 4 young guys in drag in a public parade in 1956!!! Are you guys nuts? These are athletic cheerleaders with short cut (not uncommon then) or tied back hair. Think pixie cut or Audrey Hepburn. Some guys just don’t, or can’t, recognize the difference between a man and a woman. I guess it’s an instinct thing.

  13. The picture with the ’56 Ford really doesn’t offer any helpful clues to the location. The Ford does not have a front license plate, which might narrow it down. As to the other issue, not a woman in the photo, including those in the crowd, has long hair.

    • If a dealer had provided the car for the parade perhaps there would not be a front plate. Though you would think the dealer would have their name on the car – perhaps the back?

  14. I believe that parade was just outside Faber College. Right after the picture was taken, some guys in a butchered Lincoln Continental drove into the grandstand… Mayhem ensued…

  15. The location of the first photo looks to be Main & Pleasant St. in Northampton Ma. I believe the pawn broker shop is a Candy Store now. If…? this is Noho, then the girls school would be Smith College.
    The fella in the Fleetside p/u is bailing out as the kids roll in. I’m thinking cheap reception here… The guys still have there jackets on and there is a guy in a tux seated between the Fleetside and the VW.
    Thanks David…..


  16. though its probably too late to take a stand,the patch on the girls jackets is a indian chief with full headdress in profile.
    I don’t think smith college.
    My gut feeling is high school

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