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“This is Estes’ Ville Used Cars Discount Center”

Herb Estes operated a successful Ford dealership on East Huron St. in Ann Arbor, MI, that we will cover later; this is “Estes’ Ville,” his used car lot located at 3145 Washtenaw Ave. The photo dates to June of 1964 and three Fords, a Falcon, a two-door hardtop and a convertible are front and center next to the sign. An enlargeable section of the image and a view of the office are visible below.

Please share with us what you find of interest in these photos courtesy of the Ann Arbor District Library.

23 responses to ““This is Estes’ Ville Used Cars Discount Center”

    • The six cylinder 57 Chevy parked next to the Buick convertible sure is clean for a Michigan car that was at least six years old.

      One row behind the Buick convertible (stage right of the 59 Chevy) is what looks like a 60 Oldsmobile convertible.

      There’s a third convertible in the front row on the far side of the 63 Ford hardtop, but I can’t quite make out what it is.

  1. In the 2nd expandable picture, on the far right in the background, is the front-end of a white 1960 OLDSMOBILE, either a Dynamic 88 or Super 88.

  2. In the lead picture, in the foreground to the right of the ’62 BUICK Invicta Convertible, is a plain two-door 1963 FORD Falcon Sedan.

  3. In the 2nd expandable photograph, in the lower left corner, is a two-tone, four-door, “table-top” 1959 BUICK hardtop, unable to ascertain model.

    • That makes me wonder if the “This Is” on the neon sign wasn’t to replace a Ford emblem from a previous life as well.

  4. In the 2nd expandable picture, in the foreground right, is a plain four-door 1960 CHEVROLET beach-wagon. The object on the front of the front fender has me puzzled.

  5. This has nothing to do with old cars but the history of 503 E. Huron, the address of Herb Estes Used cars is a little interesting and sorta sad. Around 1870, the Jaycox House was built on this site. It was a huge and absolutely gorgeous French Renaissance Revival style 2-story mansion. In 1904, it was remodeled to become Tucker Hall, a residence for Baptist students. In 1946 it was sold and converted into Red Coach Inn. Herb Estes then bought the property and in 1950 and he demolished the old mansion and built the Ford used car lot seen in the photos. What a shame!

    • The business just to the east of the Huron dealership was a funeral home. To the west was to large parking lots and an A&P grocery store. Across the street from the dealership at 508 E. Huron was The First Baptist Church. I think the actual address for Estes Ford was 505 or 507 E. Huron as on the corner of Division and Huron was a gas station then the A&P, parking lot for A&P, new car storage lot then the dealership building. The used car lot was moved out to Washtenaw Ave in ’55 or early ’56. The pictures shown here are all from the Washtenaw Ave business. My grandfather built the Baptist church and I attended services there from 1947 until I moved from A2 summer of ’78. He also built the Masonic Temple building on S. Fourth, Nichols Arcade on S. State, Angel Hall, first undergraduate library, AmBerRay apartment complex and numerous Eastern Univ building prior to his passing in 1942.

  6. Aside from the Corvair and what ever is next to the black Buick conv. and the 60 Chevy ( Olds?) in the 2nd row, a surprising lack of 4 doors. Also, I thought GM used car dealers had the “OK” sign. I can’t find anything on E-1.
    @AML, the piece on the Chevy wagon is a fender guide.

  7. I again forwarded these photos to a lifelong friend who grew up in Ann Arbor. He says the Ford dealership location was located right across the street from the Firestone store you featured on this site earlier.It was sold to John Stanford and it became Varsity Ford one of the largest Ford stores in Michigan.
    The Estes showroom building eventually became a Volvo dealership. That was torn down and that location is now a multistory Mini skyscraper motel named the Campus motel.
    The used car lot became a part of a converted new car auto row of big name brands and is now prime retail shopping real estate in Ann Arbor.

  8. That object just to the left of the Estesville sign in the 1st photo,near the ground.What is it?
    A train? a bus? part of a DC-3?

  9. The last picture of the main building has an ad to listen to the Detroit Tigers on WPAG. That station still exists as WTKA, which is a sports radio station. The original call sign was based on being owned by Paul and Art Greene.

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