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The Main Drag Ruidoso, New Mexico

Ruidoso, New Mexico, first settled by Native American’s is a mountain resort town situated next to the Lincoln National Forest in the Sierra Blanca mountain range located in south-central portion of the state. It has been a destination for travelers and tourists for over a century. This featured 1940s image of the center of the village shows just how popular it was back in time. The oldest automobile in the photo appears to be a Model “A” Ford.

Please share with us what you find of interest in this image found by Harald Morgalla at This Was Americar.

24 responses to “The Main Drag Ruidoso, New Mexico

  1. Looks like a ’41 Nash following a ’36 Ford with a replaced front bumper, in turn followed by a ’47 or ’48 Buick Special and a ’47 or ’48 Ford Super Deluxe wagon

  2. Let’s get away from it all….curous how humanity at once craves the wide open spaces and compamy…again no two wheelers…

  3. Bet this was hot place on a Saturday night. Except for the “auto” store, barbershop, and “covered wagon curios” almost everything else is a bar, cafe or rodeo.

  4. Did a Google street maps. I don’t have that scenery off the main drags here (Western Mass.) but that main drag of today I can get anywhere. Why would I subject myself to that? It looks like Lake George NY or a thousand other places and I don’t have to fly. The same could be said for those people there traveling a long way and popping down into something that looks the same as what they left.

    The great outdoors!!!! Who wants to hit the bowling alley? I guess maybe for the kids. Maybe.

    • it is a beautiful place lots if fun things to do there just went last june rented a cabin for 3 days was great elk in the streets and back country was outstanding. many lakes to fish or just for fun.

      • I’m sure the back country was outstanding and I’d be going for the back country. I don’t know, I was using Google Streets and was “Driving” down the main drag. On the main drag, it’s looks just like every other main drag in existence. Doesn’t make it bad, it just doesn’t make it special if the whole vacation takes place within spitting distance of the main drag. My idea of a vacation is peace and quiet or different than what I’m used to. All bets are off if kids are involved. You can’t force a kid to be a mini-you.

      • It’s where my wife and I now live full-time after a 10-year span of calling it our weekend getaway. We (the local residents) have no problem at all keeping it Our Little Secret. Let everyone else retire to Florida.

  5. Looks like it could be NM 48 (Mechem Drive) thru Ruidoso at the corner where a right turn at mid-right of pic takes you to Alto NM. Beautiful high country, been there many times since mid 70’s. My wife went there with her folks in the mid 50’s. Beautiful and small then, big tourist country now. Parking and traffic much better now. A few of the buildings look familiar.

    • A lot of Texans visited REE-uh-doe-soe in the summertime because, at 7,000 feet elevation, it was about 20 degrees cooler. With no perceptable humidity.

  6. Looks like the typical tourist trap, weekend retreat in the Capitan Mountains just off the main drags between Alamogorda and Roswell. A place to escape the desert heat and see a little green for a day or two. The large white building with the large windows at the end of the street might have been a car dealership, though I can’t make out any marque signs on the front.

  7. Sad that all the unique character of this town has been demolished and replaced by cookie-cutter commercial buildings and strip malls that could be anywhere. We see this in old photos too often: thriving downtown streets with pedestrians shopping an abundance of interesting small shops, and compared to today they’re often deserted with nothing left to draw anyone there.

  8. The bowling alley was later changed to a wood floor skating rink when I lived there in the 70’s. It was a great place for teenagers to hang out. Now I think it’s a Mexican restaurant…

  9. I have family that live there. I was born and raised in Sacramento which is about 1.5 hrs across the mountains but 2 brothers and a sister live in Ruidoso. I was jus there around Thanksgiving last year. It is so beautiful there.

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