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The NYC Streets….During WWII

The tanker shown above with its driver waving, has just finished a drop at a Tydol station in the press image above, which was taken during 1942. The resulting line was reported to have materialized in minutes because of gasoline shortages at the time. Shorty after this photo was taken, gas rationing started for the duration of the war.

The photo below taken during 1943 shows two government “Gas Snoopers” questioning the operator of the sedan as to why they were even driving. Note the deserted street and the A gas rationing sticker on the windshield.

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  1. Gasoline was not in short supply during the Second World War but Rubber was. So gas rationing was an inducement not to use rubber. Recapping tires was a process which as far as I know was intoduced during this period. The legacy is the current strewing of the Interstates with tire carcases which is a far greater hazard than the Transport Safety Board will admit.

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