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Pioneer Garage Housed in a Tent During California Oil Boom

The Pioneer Garage was situated in a tent in Southern California one-hundred and fifteen miles northwest of Los Angeles at Maricopa, an oil boomtown located near to the site of the famous Lakeview Gusher. The oil well blowout began on March 14, 1910, and discharged an estimated nine million gallons of oil until it was contained in September of 1911.

The Garage was an open-air affair located in front of a tent (one car is visible inside) next to a blacksmith shop. Recognizable vehicles left-to-right are an Oldsmobile touring car, an Elmore touring car with a look-a-like radiator styled after the Packard, and a pre-1909 “T” Ford roadster.

The second photo (below) contains a 1905 Thomas “Flyer” touring car powered by a 60 hp six-cylinder engine. The Delano Garage was located in the City it is named after sixty-five miles north of Maricopa.

Share with us what you find of interest in the photographs courtesy of the Michael J. Semas Collection.

11 responses to “Pioneer Garage Housed in a Tent During California Oil Boom

  1. I believe the car with license plate 30550 is a 1910 Welch-Detroit. This automobile was owned by James J. Carroll of Kern Street in Maricopa. The factory number was 553, and it was a 40 hp model. Carroll was a saloon keeper, merchant, and auto driver. Using old California license plate registration books I was able to put come up with a pretty likely id.

  2. A “Shoeing Shop”?I thought they were called farriers or blacksmiths.Guess it depends on what part of the country you are in.In my old hood we called shoe repairs cobblers,and they’re were bootblacks and chandlers.

  3. The Lakeview Gusher No. 1 actually spewed out 9 million BARRELS of crude oil. One barrel is equivalent to 42 gallons of oil. So, multiply 9 million barrels times 42 gallons per barrel to find out how much crude oil was gushed out of that stupendous hole in the ground. It is truly mind boggling.

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