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Monday Edition: Kodachrome Car Photographs Week

It’s been four or five years since we introduced the our new website format constructed by Adrian Pelletier of Build Interactive, who has also maintained the site since that time. Due to a career change and a new client that he now works for exclusively, we are moving all of The Old Motor photos and data to a new server that will also perform all ongoing routine future maintenance.

Because so many of our readers are under stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19 and depend on their daily vintage car fix here, we have arranged a series of single “Kodachrome Car Photographs” that will be published every day until the changeover is complete (three to six days.)

Today’s featured image contains “Joe” and the family station wagon ready to be on his way to a cheerleading gig for his school somewhere in Southern California.

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of the vehicles in the photograph along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of the Kodachrome Car Photographs Series here. The images are via This Was Americar.

35 responses to “Monday Edition: Kodachrome Car Photographs Week

  1. Parked on the other side of the street, is what looks like it could be a white 1952 PLYMOUTH Concord Savoy beach-wagon.

  2. Maybe lm old fashioned and am no longer “with it” as they say,but I don’t think modern cheerleaders go around looking like that anymore.

  3. Good luck on your move. Looking forward to it. Please take it slow. A few years ago Hooniverse did something similar and lost everything. Once again, good luck and stay healthy and safe.

  4. Up front a ’59 Catalina Safari…across the street could be a ’49-’52 Plymouth Suburban but not seeing a Plymouth emblem just beneath the Plymouth’s sailing ship hood ornament suggests it’s a ’49.
    Passing by, a Renault Dauphine…the wider whitewalls suggest it pre ’62. The Black Olds is a ’55 Holiday Coupe …the front fender emblem looks a bit more like the forward-sloping numbers of an “88” rather than the disc of a Super 88.
    The Studebaker Lark on the extreme right could be a ’61-’63 but the barely-visible crosshatch trim in the grille mesh of 2 horizontal and 3 vertical would narrow it down to a ’62..either a 2 or 4-door sedan.

    • I notice the Pontiac has a new set of narrow-line whitewalls…first available for the Pontiac Safari’s 8.50 x 14 size in late ‘61

      Thank you for this photo, David, it’s very much appreciated. And best of luck with the transition!

      • Pat, I also noticed the Catalina Safari running on aftermarket chrome rims of some sort.

        (The young man’s leg is directly in the way of the rear wheel, or it might give us a better indication of the style & mfr. of the rims)

        David, many thanks to you & your contributors for this ‘new’ feature! As with the Friday color features, I love these because the colors are so crisp, and make me feel I’m back in time to a MUCH better era!

  5. The 59 Pontiac Safari wagon is easy. But what caught my eye was the black 55 Oldsmobile 88 2dr hardtop coming out of the side street. Had to be six or seven years old at the time, but sure is clean.

    Parked down the street to the left of the Olds is a 62 or 63 Studebaker Lark, possibly a Daytona. The grille was slightly different between these two years, and the back end treatment was also different, but the most obvious difference from the front is the windshield. The 62 windshield was wrap-around; the 63 windshield was not. I can’t tell from this pic which windshield this one has.

    A Renault Dauphine is going down the street away from the Pontiac; have no idea of the year. And the partially hidden all-steel wagon across the street I think is probably a 49-52 Plymouth Surburban, but I can’t see enough of it to be sure.

  6. Sans its two-piece windshield and extended wheelbase, the white car across the street could pass as a “very” early prototype of the late Chevy HHR.

  7. Plenty to enjoy in this image, nary a Ford or Chevy in sight. A couple landmark vehicles in the Renault and Studebaker. I’m especially intrigued by the sweater. Duke Blue Devil? Home with the team for a game?

    The hitch on the Pontias looks to be a family heirloom. Wonder how many vehicles it’s been bolted onto.

  8. I just wish Joe college was standing closer to the tree so I could get a better look at the 59 Pontiac wagon. I like the 55 Oldsmobile in the back ground too!

  9. Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, and Studebaker consigned to collectors and the pages of history. Renault (Groupe Renault) soldiers on in this their 122nd year.

  10. Oh, oh, change? I don’t like where this may go. Please don’t let it go to the impersonal lengths of the “new ” Hemmings. Regarding the picture, it may be S.Cal. but that plate looks a lot like a Wisconsin plate of the early 60’s. The trailer hitch might affirm that fact. My old man experimented with a bunch of different trailer hitches to improve ride. None worked. I think the Poncho is on vacation from the Badger.

    • Hi Howard, H’s Carspotting has gone to a bit more than impersonal…it’s been non-existent since last Wednesday’s post.

      • Hi Pat, with you’re knowledge, it’s their loss. I’m glad you found OM. I think, they’re audience changed, and believe it or not, some of us like things to stay just they way they are. Thanks to David for a great site.

      • Thank you, Howard, that’s very kind of you. I was using a search to find their articles which worked fine until last Wednesday…and I missed 4 postings. Their interaction of “search” and “articles” was always tedious, but now it’s so broken it doesn’t yield anything useful.

        Indeed, thanks to David for a great, pleasant-to-look-at, effortless-to-use site…where I think you post far better pictures anyway.

        • Carspotting has not gone away at all. We still run it every single weekday (except for holidays) at noon and also include it in the daily newsletter.

          Pat, please drop me a line if you’re still seeing any bugs so I can get our engineering department to track it down.

          (Hi Howard, miss ya!)

    • That’s CA and that’s a CA plate.
      My guesstimate is this is Durarte CA because of the D on his sweater. I grew up near those hills. No way is that WI.

  11. The license plate is the California 56 style used until January 1963. Love that Oldsmobile 88!

  12. David, I just want to say this is the best site on the Internet. Beyond the subject matter, it is the layouts, the careful choice of fonts and color and proportion, and the ease of loading and use are without peer. Being able to consistently load a complex website onto my old, old hardware quickly and reliably is a lost art. Your site works magnificently in loading. Adrian Pelletier and his team (if he has one) are geniuses, I wish the best to them, and I am not surprised someone “big” stepped up to get an exclusive from them. I hope your site can continue to function and look as it has up to now, as it is always a pleasure to load it, navigate it, and just enjoy it, no matter the subject photos of the day.

  13. 1959 was the first year for Pontiac’s split front grill. Except for 1960, Pontiac kept that split grill styling till the very end (2010)

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