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He Drives A Duesenberg

Clark Gable was the original owner of this beautiful 1935 Duesenberg JN with custom coachwork by Bohman & Schwartz in California a highly regarded firm .

Fortunately, the car has survived to the present day and has been in the hands of careful collectors for years. In 2008 the car won Best in Show at the Amelia Island Concours De Elegance.

A link to a color photo of the car at Amelia Island.

One response to “He Drives A Duesenberg

  1. When his father died in ca 1955 my friend Al Krueger of Oklahoma City was clearing out his father’s things including a J Duesenberg Convertible Sedan which was in wonderful original condition. It was missing only its headlamps. Offered at $600. (which might as well have been 6 million to me)…there but for the grace of Bragi go I!

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