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A Late White Steam Car

We believe that this maybe a 1910 or 1911 White 20 h.p. touring, just from judging by the size of it. This is factory photograph of a car with quite a bit of wear and tear on it. The building in the background has a sign on the side of the door which reads White and must have been one of the companies buildings. Hopefully there may be a White expert in the audience who can date and verify the h.p. of the Whites in this series of photos we have run. Photo courtesy of Alan Ballard.

3 responses to “A Late White Steam Car

  1. It’s either a ’09 ( Model O ) or a ‘1o ( Model OO ) 20hp. I’ve seen this photo before. It’s not a period photo but rather a posed photo taken many years later .

  2. This is a 1910 model OO, that survives to the present. It was sold new to H. W. Stark of Gainesville, FL and ended up being acquired by White years later. The photo was taken when White owned the car. The company sold the car in 1935. For a while, it was in the Henry Ford Museum, and today it is in a private collection.

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