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A Gould Topped Pierce-Arrow

Another fine photo from the Gould Top Company showing a 1913 or earlier Pierce-Arrow wearing one of their California tops. Note the privacy curtains visible thru the rear quarter windows and the attractive curve just to the front of it. Photo courtesy of Tom Jakeway.

One response to “A Gould Topped Pierce-Arrow

  1. This picture is definitely a First Series “66,” though there have been several modifications to the car. The 12-spoke front wheels make it either a “48” or a “66” but the length of the hood makes it the largest of the three models. The hood has louvers and there is no tool box in the left splash apron, so it is not a “1912” model. The windshield braces appear to be similar to those used on the Second Series cars, but the cowl lights are not built into the cowl. I can’t see the headlights well, and it appears that the 27″ wheels have been “cut down” to the 25″ style typical to the late teens cars. Out west, we would call this a “California Top,” but they were made to substitute for the original top bows by several manufacturers. Typically, this would be called a “1913” but the model years began in mid-year, so dating of these cars can be a bit confusing. JRH

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