The American Roadster

The American is one of the most striking of early automobiles. David Traver Adolphus in his photography has captured some wonderful images of a Model 50 underslung.

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  1. Yeff P. says:

    The American is the epitome of early automobiles. I treasure my AACA magazines that document the saga of the three Americans restored by Walter Seeley.

  2. Yeff P. says:

    Did Walter Seeley pass away in the past year? I recall reading something about him. I wonder what has become of his American?

  3. dta says:

    Walt Seeley is alive if quite elderly and somewhat infirm; this is one of those three Underslungs. The owner of this car has recently recorded a new interview with him about the restoration.

  4. Alan W. says:

    Per my study of American cars this roadster originally purchased by F. C. Deemer and restored by Walt Seely should be listed as a “Model 50″ This was one of the first 50 hp cars built by American. The engine is a four cylinder, 5-1/4 bore x 5-1/2, L-head built by the Light Inspection Car Company (LICC). LICC changed its name to Teetor-Hartley around 1914. The Model 40 roadster that preceded this car had a shorter wheelbase and used a smaller 40 hp engine that was also supplied by LICC.

    The July-August 1972 issue of the Antique Automobile magazine has a great article also by Walt Seely that gives a very good history of the American Motor Car Company. His later article chronicles the restoration of the four American’s originally purchased by the Deemer family. There are currently three American Underslungs under restoration.


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