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A 1909 Corbin

The previous Corbin cars that we have covered, have been the air-cooled models. In 1908 the firm came out with a new water-cooled 30 h.p. L-head with a 4.25″ bore X 4.25″ stroke, which is shown below. It turned out to be a giant killer and did very well in competition of all types. Below are the results of only one of the contests it was in, the Dead Horse Hill Climb in Worcester, MA, which was one of the toughest around. The Corbin finished second to a 90 h.p. Mercedes.

The photo above is from some type of an unknown tour or competition, it is the third in a series of photos of Corbin automobiles, from Mark H. Johnson’s book on the company that can be found at Mark is a Vice President at the Klingberg Family Centers and the main organizer their 19th Annual Vintage Motor Car Festival that is a fixture in Connecticut. If you can, please support and attend the show which is always one of the best in New England. Photos courtesy of the Detroit Public Library, National Automotive History Collection.

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