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Somewhere West of Laramie

It has been said that the ads for the Jordan Playboy marked a turning point in the world of automotive advertisement, where until then most ads touted a car’s technical aspects and utility in a rather dry fashion.  The Jordan may not have achieved the notoriety of other sporty cars of its day, but the ad remains a great one in the history of American cars.

3 responses to “Somewhere West of Laramie

  1. It’s such a good advertisement, it’s still compelling in some ways. Just enigmatic enough, that you wished you knew the whole story.

    Supposedly Jordan actually saw a girl “somewhere West of Laramie” when he was a passenger on the Union Pacific Railroad, and that inspired the ad. She was riding near the tracks and impressed him, and thereby inspired the ad.

  2. I was driving from Davenport, Iowa to San Francisco, and was in Wyoming when I received a call from a car buddy in Columbus, Ohio. He asked, “Where are you?” I said, “I have been waiting a lifetime to say this…I’m somewhere west of Laramie!” The best thing was, he was one of the few people I know who immediately know the reference.

  3. As we veteran copywriters know, one of the most important rules of advertising is this: SELL THE SIZZLE, NOT THE STEAK. This wonderful ad was probably the first to prove that point. It virtually sizzles on the page, spinning a tale of romance, adventure, excitement, and rip-roaring fun. Every time I read it, my eyes tear up at the end, knowing I was in the presence of greatness. BRAVO!

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