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A Chicago Sun Times photo taken on May 9, 1951, looking west on Randolph street. The photo was taken to report on the street being changed to a one way with the traffic soon traveling west. The theater marque on the right features The Great Caruso, staring Mario Lanza and Gloria DeHaven. The Old Motor photo.

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  1. Posted for Dennis M ……That’s Marshall Fields on the left with the canopy and the clock at the corner of State and Randolph. Probably taken from the L station, entrance left foreground with the Checker taxi pulling up in front. A Checker expert can probably identify the year of the cab, but the Nash Airflyte on the right would be a ’49, ’50, or ’51.

    Below the movie banners is the marquee for the Heidelberg restaurant, 16 West Randolph, which was there through the late ’70′s.

    From the Chicago Tribune:
    That elegant establishment opened in 1934 as a spinoff from a popular German restaurant operated by the Eitel family at the Chicago World’s Fair of 1933.

    Built by the noted architectural firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst and White on the site of an old wooden warehouse, the exterior of the Heidelberg was designed to evoke the charm of a traditional German village, right down to the benevolent figure of King Gambrinus, the jovial German monarch who supposedly invented beer. During the heyday of the “Randolph Street Rialto,” when glittering theaters and movie palaces crowded the intersection of State and Randolph, Gambrinus, was a familiar figure, popping out of a specially constructed niche to announce the time every half-hour.

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