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A Stearns 30-60

The Stearns was an exceptional early car that was manufactured in Cleveland thru 1911 at which point it then became the Stearns-Knight equipped with sleeve-valves. This is the mid-sized model and the 30-60 designation was the HP it produced on one or both of its carburetors two barrels fully open. The 30-60 was produced from 1907-1911 and this particular car which is chain-driven, has been equipped with electric head and side lamps. Photo courtesy of Alan Ballard.

The Stearns did very well in racing and hill climbs over the years with the most notable achievement, the winning of the 1910 Brighton Beach 24-hour race with Al Poole and Cyrus Pastschke driving. The pair covered 1253 miles at an average of 52.2 mph.

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