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A Custom Cadillac Tow Truck

This tow truck from Springfield, MA, is a beautifully customized, 1931 Cadillac, which they modified to showcase their shops abilities. It appears to have been made from a sedan and not a coupe judging by the short doors. Other custom features are a shirt added to the very front of the fender which sweeps down to the frame. There has also been a skirt added to the fender behind the wheel. The rear fenders have the look of having come off of a 1933-34 Ford and the bed is also custom and moulded into the side of the back of the cab.

Heavy duty light truck wheels have also been added with Cadillac emblems on the hub-caps. The wrecker boom appears to possibly be a Manley or another brand of a hand-crank unit. This photo is shown as a way of introducing one of our new partners Intercity Lines who we consider the best in the business, as we use them ourselves for moving an-tique and vintage racing cars for our shop and our clients. You can see some of their deluxe transport equipment with air ride trailers which are gentle on your car. We have been using them for years as they do an incredible job and if you need to have a car moved anywhere they should be your only call.


5 responses to “A Custom Cadillac Tow Truck

  1. The tow truck is a 1931 V-12. A 8 would not have the light on the splash pan, and a 16 would have the tool boxes in the splash pan. The 12 was not made in 19 30 , so it must be a 1931. The buildings were still standing untill last week when the tornado hit Springfield Mass, and they probably suffeered damage.

  2. When I saw the picture on an image search. I thought it was from Springfield Il. Springfield IL is my home town and there is a Springfield welding and auto body there as well. Pretty odd coincidence.

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