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GM…..Powerama 1955

High Against Chicago’s Sky…. Goes the top of the 96 foot central theme center of the Gen-eral Motors Powerama, hoisted in place by a huge crane. This and other spires are ap-pearing on the one million square foot site of General Motors “World Fair of Power”, adjacent to Soldiers Field, as construction work steadily increases in tempo. The Power-ama with 253 “action” exhibits of diesel and gas turbine power opens for 26 admission free days on August 31st.  Dated  August, 10 1955. From: Tom Abbott, GM, Powerama Press Room, Blackstone Hotel. The Old Motor photo.

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  1. There was also a preview event on Tuesday, August 30 from 4:00 to 7:30 given by Harlow H. Curtice. There were formal invitations that provided admittance to the event. Media representatives received both the formal invitation and a separate Press Pass to the Press Room Theme Center.

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