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Brand New Cole Sixes In Maine

These are brand new Cole touring cars that were manufactured in 1913 for the 1914 left hand drive model run. They were called the Sixty and they were a good sized 132″ w.b. six cylinder which they produced that year along with  smaller 30h.p. four. In 1915 they were among the first to come out with a V-8. Look back here to another photo of one of these two cars. Photos courtesy of The Seal Cove Auto Museum.

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  1. Great picture! The car on the left is the Cole Series 9 Six Cylinder that actually had a wheel base of 136″. The car on the right in that photo is a Cole Series 9 four cylinder. The four had a wheel base of 120″. You can tell that the engine cover much shorter in the car on the right.

    The Cole Series 8, which was left had drive had the Six Cylinder with a 132″ wheelbase. Cole can be very confusing because they didn’t actually use model years and went by series and model. Essentially when they ran out of components due to orders they would release a new series or model. For example in late 1912 they introduced the Series 8, then in June of 1913 they started selling the left hand drive series 9. At the beginning of the year in 1914, Cole sold the series 10, and then at mid year in 1914 they introduced the Cole 4-40 and 6-60. After that in January of 1915, they introduced the Cole 8 cars which used the V8. Book authors have always wanted to put stuff in car model years and that is how these nuances have been lost to general information.

    • oops! I had a typo in the above comment. The Cole Series 8 had Right hand drive. Series 9 was left hand drive.

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