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Sixteen-Valve Duesenberg Walking Beam Engine

This 1915 Duesenberg, sixteen-valve four cylinder walking-beam racing engine which we made a new cylinder block for is shown getting its valve clearances adjusted above.

We worked with a pattern maker and made patterns for the block and had a new one cast and then machined it here in the shop for Joe Freeman’s racing car. It has horizontal valves facing each other in a vertical combustion chamber above the piston. The bottom of the rocker arms (walking-beams) ride directly on the camshafts. The bottom photos shows four intake valve and seat assemblies and two seat and guide castings where you can see the vanes that it breathes thru. When we can find the time this project will be covered in the future. The Old Motor photos.

4 responses to “Sixteen-Valve Duesenberg Walking Beam Engine

  1. Great engine. Nice of you to shoot those pics!

    Were valves mounted in the head on all walking-beam engines, or were there some where they were mounted in the cylinders?

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