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Joe Newby Maxwell Dealer New Castle, Indiana

This is Joe Newby, the Maxwell dealer in New Castle, Indiana at the time this circa 1910 Maxwell was sold. If you study the building behind him, what appears to be a Maxwell roadster is in the show room window and the garage door is to its left. The Maxwell car at this point in time was produced in volume, with two different models. A basic low priced two-cylinder, a 22 h.p. four and the car shown above and below, was their large 30 h.p. model. They were a good performing car in spite of being inexpensive, as witnessed by the Munsey Tour win below, which at the time was an achievement.

Tops, lamps and speedometers were on many makes at the time optional. The car above is without a top, while the car in the advertisement below is equipped with one. Photo above courtesy of Gene Ingram, illustration below courtesy of the HFC.

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