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The Peter Helck & Fred Roe Collections To Be Featured

We are very pleased to announce that Racemaker Press, has very kindly decided to share some of their wonderful racing photos here on The Old Motor. Well known author and vintage racer Joe Freeman, who runs Racemaker, has worked very hard over a long period of time to assemble one of the foremost collections of racing photographs in the world.

We will be starting off with selections from the photo collection of the famous artist  Peter Helck (One of Helck’s early works is seen above on the cover of the 1915 Sheeps-head Bay program). Helck in addition to his art, wrote two great books, the first, The Checkered Flag and the second was called Great Auto Races. Fred Roe wrote Duesenberg: The Pursuit Of Perfection, a very well known book on the history of the Duesenberg brothers and the incredible cars and engines they built. We will also be featuring selec-tions from the life long collection of literature and photographs that Roe assembled. The next two posts will give you an idea of the quality of some of the photographs we will be posting.

2 responses to “The Peter Helck & Fred Roe Collections To Be Featured

  1. Holy cow, David! That oughta be a gold mine of great stuff. Congratulations and many thanx to Joe for his generosity.

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