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  1. Posted for Wayne Graefen….My first hobby car at age 15 was a ’38 Dodge touring sedan (4 door). 1938 has not been a popular year with car collectors of any brand; they weren’t for the most part attractive cars. The prominent two door sedan in the photo is a ’38 Dodge. I have only ever seen about 5 other ’38 Dodges over the last fifty years, a couple of coupes and a couple of sedans. The only time I saw a two door sedan like the photo car was in a catalog illustration. That is one rare ’38 Dodge in this photo and I’ll be highly surprised if anyone posts that they own one today. Mine was a good old car and I learned a great deal playing with that Dodge. It then took part in the drive away from my wedding to the reception and was then sold as I needed money! Thanks for posting the photo!!!

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