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Square D On The Road

An interesting image that shows two firms which are actually still in business some 75 years later. It appears that the Square D representative stopped by the Hampden Electrical Supply Co. with his promo trailer to show off safety switches, panels and controllers. We can only assume that all of this was set up in his trailer pulled by his Chevrolet two-door sedan. Photo courtesy of the Richard Bolt collection.

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  1. The car is a 1934 Chevrolet 2-Door Coach. The painted headlight shells indicate this is a Standard Series car. The side mounted tires were a $30 option.

    Hampden Electric Supply Company was at 224 Dwight in Springfield, Massachusetts. Confirmation that this is the correct address is provided by the following signs on the second floor with a street address of 220 Dwight.

    Tarbell & Leete (Building Movers, Shoring, Riggers, Steel Erection) in Suite 203
    Henry J. Tessier, Architect in Suite 205-206

    The beginning of the Patterson & Patterson sign at 228 Dwight is also visible.

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