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Tony Gulotta’s heartbreak…..1928

In the 1928 Indianapolis 500, Tony Gulotta was far in the lead with less than 18 laps to go. Unfortunately the fuel line clogged and Tony was forced to the pits. It took over one hour to make the repair, and he ended up finishing tenth.

The car that Tony drove is shown here with the Packard Cable Co. corporate airplane. The car was one of the ex Frank Lockhart Miller 91 machines. Gullotta was to team with Lockhart, until Lockhart’s tragic death at Ormond Beach, FL on April 25, 1928. Stutz was to sponsor the two car team, but only ended up with a single car effort of Gulotta. The other Lockhart car was sold to M.A. Yagle for driver Ray Keech. Keech would win the 1929 Indy 500 in that car.

Tony Gulotta had other good finishes, with 3rd place his best. Several near wins, ruined as the result of mechanical gremlins kept the talented driver from ever entering Victory Lane at Indianapolis.

8 responses to “Tony Gulotta’s heartbreak…..1928

    • Hey Mike,

      Last night my son and I saw the Studebaker that your grandfather drove at Indy in 1933 on Highway 152 in Kansas City. Impressively large, in excellent shape and still sporting its #34. The driver was jackrabbiting – when he got on it my turbo Subaru could just keep up. Very cool.

  1. Great to read more. My grandfather Ken Arnold was Tony’s riding mechanic one year and we have a great photo at the track of them together, I believe they had a practice crash and my grandfather DNS, going on to drive with Lucky Teter’s Hell Drivers instead.

  2. I became interested in Tony G. when reading W. Shaw’s autobiography. He is one of those drivers who never got real credit for skill on the track. He is one of those who ought to be included in a collection of accounts of pre-World War II drivers.

  3. I just watched a special on the 1935 Mormon Meteior and found that my Great Uncle Tony actually drove the car to set a record. I think we may have a picture of him in the car.

  4. Tony and his family were our neighbors in the 1930s-40s in Dearborn, Michigan. My family attended the Indy races several years in the early 1930s, and I have a photo of him in the “Hunt Special” with his mechanic. He was a very handsome man!

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