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1939 Plymouth Show Car

Who this 1939 Plymouth show car was built for we do not know, but regardless it sure makes a statement. We have seen plastic bubble tops like this before on pre-war cars in the Los Angeles area, were the aircraft industry may have developed the technology. In-terestingly it is painted in a semi-gloss paint and Goodyear made all white tires for it. The bubble top is in two pieces which are joined over the rear door and is held on by toggle type clamps (one is visible on the passenger side center post). Can any readers tell us if Plymouth built this car or was it done by the plastics industry? The Old Motor photo.

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  1. This 1939 plymouth with plexiglass top was made for the 1939 World’s Fair. It was painted with 16 coats of mother of pearl paint. The interior was all white leather dyed to match the exterior. The floor mats and pedals were all white rubber. The piping on the trim was done in white leather which turned gold with time. The interior upolstery was done by Dewey Fairfield who worked for Briggs. Dewey later purchased the car from Chrysler for $300.00. Dewey was my grandfather. He replaced the plexiglass top with a permanent black vinyl top and upsolstered the headliner with a mouse grey leather and black piping. Dewey drove the car for a number of years. My parents were dating and in high school at that time. They drove the car to their 1941 high school prom.

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