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Rochester-Duesenberg Engines

We have covered much of the information and photos about the Model A Duesenberg and also their airplane engines which is in the Fred Roe Collection. We will now move onto covering the engine design that they sold after having used it extensively in racing. After WWI The Duesenberg Brothers had decided to change from the four cylinder engine to the straight-eight. They sold the rights to manufacture the four cylinder walking beam engine to the Rochester Motors Company and helped them change the engine from a two-main bearing crank with ball bearings to quieter plain babbitted bearings and added a center main.

Rochester ended up with a powerful 80 h.p. engine which found a market with makers of high quality and distinctive assembled cars. Most of these cars were very sporty and at-tractive designs that appealed to the motorist of means who wanted something different than the very conservative and plain Jane cars which were being produced at the time. These two advertising pieces give you a good view of this engine that powered some fast moving and attractive automobiles in the early roaring twenties. We will follow with information about the various different makers who used the Rochester Duesenberg. Ad above from the Fred Roe collection, courtesy of Racemaker Press and below courtesy of Tony DeSeta.

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