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1904 Dufaux

This is the first automobile built by Swiss brothers Charles and Frederic Dufaux. Entered in the 1904 Gordon Bennett Cup held in Germany, the eight cylinder-80 H.P. car didn’t start due to steering problems.

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  1. Readers might like to know that this fine 8 cylinder racing car is perfectly preserved at the Verkehrshaus Museum in Lucerne, Switzerland, along with many other vehicles the Dufaux brothers built. Also aviation pioneers, their most durable and well known invention was the Motosacoche bicycle engine attachment (literally ‘engine in a bag’!), and their Motosacoche motorcycles continued to be made long after the Dufaux brothers had left to pursue their aviation interests. The younger brother Armand only died in 1980, a very old man indeed, but recognised as a true pioneer and innovator.

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