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3 responses to “Why Walk ?

  1. Does anyone know what that car is which is parked on the street? It looks 6 or 7 years older than the rental cars which look like 1936

  2. This is 1717 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles, California. The California license plates look like they are from 1936 as well as the Ford and DeSoto on the forecourt.

    In 1932 the El Portal (Miniature) Golf Course was at 1717 Ivar, but the Harford U Drive System (Hartford, Inc.) was already in business at 6307 Hollywood Boulevard about two blocks away. Albert Hartford was proprietor and Albert Robinson was the manager of the rental car business. This is the only mention of Mr. Hartford that I found other than the business name remaining as Hartford, Inc.

    In 1934 Robinson is shown running a parking lot at 1717 Ivar, but it appears the golf course lunch room remained on the property. This was a prime location as it was located directly in front of the Hotel Knickerbocker. Meanwhile the Hartford U Drive It business had moved, one block closer to the Knickerbocker, to 6350 Hollywood Boulevard.

    By sometime in 1935 or 1936 the Hartford business finally moved to the 1717 Ivar Ave. location. It remained there into at least 1956. By 1960 it appears to have gone out of business.

    Hartford must have also sold cars as one city directory listing states, “By Arrangement Part of Rental Charges Can Apply on Purchase.”

    A slightly different view of the property, from 1937, shows the old “Hollywoodland” sign in the distance and also shows the gas pumps on their property:
    http: //jpg1 dot lapl dot org/00098/00098496.jpg There is also a Hertz Rent A Car business visible across the street.

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