Chicago Streamliners….1935

The Olson Rug Co. of Chicago, which is still in business today after having being started in 1874, was showing off its first streamliner delivery truck in this photo. The design took its styling cues from the famous Burlington Routes stainless steel Zephyr. If you enjoy streamliners, visit the Denver Public Library were they have a nice collection of photos.

Not much is known about the trucks, who built them or what brand of chassis they are on but they certainly must have gotten Olson a lot of attention. The press photo is dated June 22,1935. The Old Motor photo.


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4 Responses to Chicago Streamliners….1935

  1. Bryan says:

    Love the slot in the skirt for the rear axle travel when the truck is loaded up with heavy rugs! Cool design.

  2. Mark Dawber says:

    Yellow Coach did a bus on a Chevrolet chassis with similar styling.

  3. ehdubya says:

    According to Donald F Wood’s ‘Commercial Trucks’ these were built by General Body Co – Chicago, IL builders of the original Weinermobile.

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