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Mystery Racing Behemoth

We believe we have seen a photo of this mystery racing car at some point in the past but cannot place it now. We do know the two men sitting in the car are racing drivers Joe Jagersberger and Harry Knight. This underslung monster has a big four, t-head engine with separate cylinders, a most unusual dashboard-cowl and a thick and high radiator. It is parked out in front of an auto dealers establishment in an unknown location.

It has the look of being from the 1903-1908 time period and we are hopeful that you readers can help us identify this brute. The Old Motor photo.

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  1. Joe Jagersberger, America’s finest one-legged racing driver. I only know him from his Case at Indy, but he was in the country for a decade before that and this is clearly a much larger car. If only there was more of the name of the dealership!

  2. Banker Bros. Co., Largest Dealers in America, was selling Peerless at 141 & 143 West 38th St., NYC, in 1903.

    In 1903, they were also Peerless agents at 629-633 Broad St. in Philadelphia, and Baum & Beatty Sts. in Pittsburgh. This was advertised in McClure’s Magazine; the previous page shows that Banker Bros. also represented an odd-looking single-cylinder named the “Century Tourist.”

    In 19o4, according to Motor Age, Banker Bros. were agents for Pierce, Peerless, Autocar, and Stevens-Duryea. In Automobile Topics’ “1909 Year Book”, they were still in Pittsburgh, at least, and still representing Pierce-Arrow, Stevens-Duryea, and Chalmers-Detroit.

    • Found an extensive listing of Banker Bros agencies in Motor Age Volume 7 page 3 of the April 6, 1905 issue.

      ” Agencies located at Washington, Waynesboro, Uniontown, Greenburg, Butler, Vandergrift, Latrobe, Beaver, New Castle, Indiana, and New Bethlehem PA.”

      Also an image of the “On Baum near Beatty street ” location. Which does not appear to be the building above.

      Still looking to identify this underslung.

  3. Different Harry – this is Harry Harkness’s 120hp special, which he had constructed for the 1903 Gordon Bennett cup race. He shipped it to France in Nov. 1903 for some test driving, where it was said to have reached 88 mph.

    But it would be no surprise if Jagersberger was in the car in this photo – he and Harkness were pretty close about that time.

    By June of 1904, Jagersberger was hanging out with Harkness in his 60hp Mercedes, in which the two went on to have a number of adventures. This photo presumably predated that time. Wonder what the car was doing in PA? It’s missing all of its clothing, visible in other photos – maybe this was a build shot.

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