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William Stout Has a Bad Hair Day

This press photo is from April of 1946, when William B. Stout was introducing his new creation to the Detroit area press. Stout was a man who thought outside the box and had already designed and built the famous Stout Scarab. The first nine prewar cars he built were steel framed, which was skinned with aluminum and magnesium, the tenth car was done in fiberglass. After the war he introduced this postwar model which was all fiber-glass except the doors. It was equipped with a rear engine as the earlier models were, but only this one unit was built. Little is known of it this car and we are unsure if it has survived. The Old Motor photo.

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  2. Posted for Mary Harkins Kraft… Ahhhh…memories! Mr. Stout (or “Bill”, as his friends around Green Lake (Mich.) called him, was known for that flowing elegant white hair, whether he was swimming, or driving, or sketching caricatures of the folks at my parents’ annual summer corn roast. He was one of the kindest men I’ve ever known, eager to share, eager to listen, and obviously in love with life! My fondest memories, concerning transportation, are (1) riding to choir practice with his daughter, Wilma, several miles to the Presbyterian Church on Commerce Road, and (2) the thrill (for this young teenager) of having Mr. Stout come to the house. “Mary Ellen!!! Come out…I want to take you for a ride in something new!” And off we went…in what Mr. Stout said was his new SkyCab. We went off the main roads onto some really severely rutted gravel roads (this all taking place about 8 or so miles west of Pontiac as I recall), and this little vehicle didn’t even burp! It seemed to float over the chuckholes. THEN Mr. Stout said, “Well, I don’t have the wings attached today, but if I did, we’d FLY over these things!” This dear man lived just two houses west of us and will always be one of my fondest life memories…even in this, my 77th year.

  3. Wow. I am really enjoying the article and the post from Mary Harkins Kraft. The uppermost “bad hair photo” is of the “Stout’46” aka “Project Y”. It is the worlds first fibeglas car and is alive and well and when I last saw it was living happily in a little slice of heaven call The Gilmore, in Michigan. I have been working on a book about William bushnell Stout and his many “projects” for several years. It is a labor of love and my goal is to create an accurate and thorough portrayal of the man and his creations. I would greatly appreciate any help in this endeavor. All contributions are welcome. Please contact me if you have any information about Stout or his inventions or even if you would just like to chew the fat with another Bill Stout fan.
    Thanks, Jim Stout

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