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Brighton Beach May 1910….Simplex Wins Again

As the 1910 season opened, racing was back on at Brighton Beach with the first 24 hour grind being run on May 13-14. Again the race started at 9 pm with a full field of cars including DePalma in a Fiat, Disbrow in a Rainier, the Chevrolet Brothers and Burman in Buicks and Mulford in a 60 h.p. Stearns along with others.

The Chevrolet and Burman set a blistering pace in their Buicks but ended up breaking both cars and were out of the race early on. The lead then went to DePalma, next Disbrow and finally to Al Poole and Charles Basle in the number eight Simplex. They are seen above after covering 1145 miles, looking somewhat dazed. Below they are leading Lund in a Croxton who is followed by DePalma in his Fiat. Photos from the Peter Helck Collection, courtesy of Racemaker Press.

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