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A Midget racer-1939

An interesting photo of Eddie Wendt who was a West Coast midget car driver. His car appears to be motorcycle engine powered, possibly by a v-twin as we can see one-air cooled cylinder thru a hood opening. Midget car racing started in California in the mid 1930s and became very popular throughout the US.  After WWII, midget racing developed into a 7 day a week craze in front of huge crowds. Even many Indianapolis car drivers became involved.

By 1950 the craze was over,  stock car racing became more popular, and TV entertain-ment in the evenings also cut down on the crowds. Even so, midget car racing still exists today.

2 responses to “A Midget racer-1939

  1. We have to remember all the older midget drivers i.. Sam Hanks, Ronny Householder,Duane “pappy”Carter Neal and vic Carter etc. These guys will never be forgtten as they lived inthe “good ole racing days” when you drove by the sat of your pants. I reember Householder holding his carburator on for many laps in a 100 lap 1 miler at Ft. Miami speedway, toledo, ohio. I was in his pit that day.He was a very good friend of the family.

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