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Clessie Cummins And His Diesel

If you look at as many press photos as we do, the old adage comes thru, “You can’t always believe what you read”. We have this press photo seen above, dated June 17, 1935 of Clessie Cummins about to start on a coast to coast economy run. Boldly painted on the side of the car is “The First Diesel Powered Passenger Car” which is not correct as Cummins had put one of his Model U marine engines in a 1925 Packard and drove it to the New York Auto Show in January of 1930. You can read the Clessie Cummins story which is very interesting in this blog post by Dan Strohl over at HMN which was written by Rich Taylor for SIA in 1976.

You can also read about Cummins’s 40 mpg Aurburns in another post which Dan Stohl has done which includes many more photos along with a very interesting story.


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