City Auto Sales….April 1958

City Auto Sales above is a good mystery for you folks who like to figure them out. The press photo is dated April 11, 1958, and was in the newspaper because of the broken win-dows that you can see which have been boarded up. There is also a policeman standing on the sidewalk behind a Cadillac right under the entrance sign. The big clue is the address of 23rd. and Michigan Ave. but there are more to be found in the photo.

We believe we know what city it was in from the checking that we did but we are going to let you readers tell us. The Old Motor photo.

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13 Responses to City Auto Sales….April 1958

  1. Gary Nowakowski says:

    There’s a 23rd and Michigan in Detroit. Just outside of the downtown area.

  2. Gary Nowakowski says:

    There’s also a Michigan and 23rd in Chicago if I recall.

  3. Posted for Dennis M… I have a vague recollection of a City Auto Sales in Chicago, but cannot place it for sure.

    My Grandfather had a ’58 Impala convertible identical to the one front and center – wish I had it now!

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  6. Bryan says:

    It’s Chicago. If you go to Google street view the building is still there and is condos now. When in street view you can look at photos of the area and there is one that shows an old advertisement painted on the wall, what’s left of it anyway.

    Great website!

    • Yes you are right it is Chicago thanks to all of you for your replys.

      • Tony says:

        City Auto Sales is definitely in Chicago. I worked there in the early
        1970′s installing car radios,bumper guards,rear defrosters etc.
        This photo is amazing,thanks for posting. The memories of working at City Auto Sales are flooding back to me!

  7. Posted for Frank Johnson,
    I worked at city auto in the late 60′s as a chevrolet line tech. It was on Michigan ave in Chicago Illinois. Near Mc Cormick place. A Mr. Mayotte was my service manager and the shop foremans name was “Don”. The shop had no exhaust vents so you got a headache by about 11 in the am and by the time to go home you may be preety sick from it. It was a leading dealership back then, probably one of the top selling dealers in the Chicago area.

  8. Johnnnny says:

    Yep, Chicago. My father worked at General Bearings right down the street from there. And, he bought our 1958 Cheverolet Station Wagon at this dealership.

  9. Posted for Jeff @
    It’s City Chevrolet in Chicago, which was on 23rd and Michigan. The building is now part of the Motor Row Loft Condominiums.

  10. Rick says:

    It is Chicago. I’ve towed cars to that dealeship years ago. it’s now closed!

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