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Snowberger’s Miller Special….

Russell Snowberger was a well known racing driver from Michigan. He is pictured in his Miller Special at the Langhorne, PA  track which was built by a group of Philadelphia racing enthusiasts known as the National Motor Racing Association (NMRA), and held its first race there on June 12, 1926. The back of the photograph states that Snowberger was the 1925 NMRA Champion so they must have raced elsewhere previously.  Snowberger later joined the AAA in 1927 and raced at Indy during the years of 1928 thru 1947. His best finish there was a fifth place finish in 1932.

The photo is from the Racemaker Press Archives and is dated April 30, 1927 and was taken by photographer Cy Latour of Wyncote, Pa.

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